Monday, November 21, 2016

Homemade Compass Experiment

Science fun! We have done this experiment several times when my kids were young. It came up in our science curriculum. The kids still liked the experiment just as much. They just didn't play around with it as long as when they were little.
 Little Man is magnetizing a sewing needle to make a compass.
 My sweet Bug was the one to get it started.
 Our homemade compass
 Little Man tried several times to make the needle point another direction.
Let's just say that Rascal found a way to get up on the table. He was wanting some attention. Hopefully it was a one time event and he forgets how he did get up on the table. He was one happy dog wanting to divert attention to himself rather than the experiment. We let him stay for a bit until the cat came up on the table and chaos broke out.

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