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Pirates or Privateers: You Decide Once-a-Week Micro-Study Review

Ahoy, me Hearties! Are you ready for an adventure on the high seas? The last few weeks we have been exploring Pirates and Privateers: You Decide Once-a-Week Micro-Study from Homeschool Legacy. I received a downloadable PDF for this review.
I don’t know about your kids but, anything that has the high seas, pirates, and privateers is sure to get my kids excited. We were excited to learn more about this high sea adventure. 

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Pirates or Privateers: You Decide Once-a-Week Micro-Study is intended for grades 1-8. This study is set up for a 4 week unit study. This unit study has 23 pages and broken down in 4 lessons. You are basically doing a lesson a week for a month or it’s flexible enough to make it work with your schedule. Typically, we spent around 20-30 minutes on the lessons. The nice thing is that you can really run with this unit study and add to it or just leave it as is.

Pirates or Privateers: You Decide Once-a-Week Micro-Study is pretty much an open and go lesson format. All the material you need is included in the guide other than the recommended book Treasure Island. I used the abridged version which I already owned. If you have independent readers you can add other books on the topic. You will need some basic supplies like 3-ring binder, globe or atlas, paper, hole punch, crayons or colored pencils, and pencils. You will also need access to the internet to be able to click on the links in the study guide.

There are a few suggested movies for a family night and for younger kids a link to some coloring pages. My kids still like to color.

Every lesson has some history on the topic along with geography. My kids loved the maps and the study had a lot of links to specific maps. You also have a timeline that you print out for the lessons. We have done timelines in the past. My kids really like timelines and seeing how all the dates correspond together.  For some odd unknown reason my kids didn’t want to create their own timeline but, instead they wanted to work with a timeline history book we have. They wanted to see how the dates corresponded with other historical events. It worked and was a lot of fun seeing what else was going on around the time period.

Week 1: Early Pirates
Week 2: The Era of Privateers
Week 3: Pirates of the Caribbean and The Age of Buccaneers
Week 4: The Golden Age of Piracy 

This isn’t the first time I have used the unit studies with Homeschool Legancy. This is the first time I have used the You Decide Once-a-Week Micro-Study. This was really a nice mini study to add to our day to day routine in our homeschool. My kids really enjoyed the lesson. 

How did I use Pirates or Privateers: You Decide Once-a-Week Micro-Study?

I basically used this with my 10 year old son who really enjoyed this. I have a few books on pirates that he used independently during our study. My 14 year old daughter has learning disabilities and she was more interested in listening to the unit study. 

We read Treasure Island during Pirates or Privateers: You Decide Once-a-Week Micro-Study several times during the week. Which we still have several more chapters to read before we finish the book. The unit study we completed. We finished the lessons in 3 weeks. My kids couldn’t stand doing it only once a week and wanted to keep going. 

I was down with a nasty head cold for 2 weeks. This has been a nice study to work on with my kids. I didn’t have to plan anything and it was so easy to do. I felt like I was giving my kids something solid to learn. My son read to his sister and me while I lay on the couch. We had the laptop on the coffee table and he was able to read the lesson and click on the links. This is something that could easily be done independently for older kids. My son did a great job teaching the lessons when I needed him to help me out. Granted, I didn’t take as many pictures as I usually do. I enjoyed the lesson as much as my kids did. Both of the kids give Pirates or Privateers: You Decide Once-a-Week Micro-Study a thumbs up.

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