Friday, December 16, 2016

What We've Been Reading- The Secret of Priest Grotto A Holocaust Survival Story

The last two weeks we have been reading an amazing story about survival, courage, perseverance under extraordinary wartime circumstances that the Jewish people endured. I am always amazed when I read stories like this about the survivors of the Holocaust.

The story is a true story about what life was like in the cave and the reality of what it took to survive underground, battling with the elements, lack of food, and the constant fear and close calls with the Nazis. 

The author was able to locate the surviving families that are now located in USA, Canada, and Israel. They retell the story of that dreadful time and from one of the mothers journal that she kept during the ordeal.

The story goes back and forth in-between chapters with the account from the families and the author exploring the caves and finding artifacts left behind and interviewing the survivors. 

The pictures are current photos of the cave and some black and white historical pictures. The last picture is my favorite of the survivors and their children and grandchildren. 

I don't shy away from the Holocaust with my children and feel that it's important for my children to know about the Holocaust. This was a touching story of 5 families and their will to survive. 

May it never happen again or shall we never forget this horrible event in history.

There is also a movie available that I am ordering.

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