Monday, February 13, 2017

Brit Milah Drama of a 5 Year Old

This is a re-post of when my son was 5 years old. It made me laugh thinking about this drama again.

Little Man met with his new doctor this week for a check up for his allergies and eczema. His skin is looking pretty bad. His former doctor has retired. With much recommendation we choose a doctor that we felt good about and many people we know personally use him.

Tuesday is the big day. Poor Little Man is looking so bad and the back of his legs are just looking awful. He is actually complaining about his eczema which, he usually doesn't say much about it unless it is really bad. At the appointment we go through his medications for his allergies and skin. Next step, the doctor needs to see the back of his legs. Which required him dropping his britches. Needless, to say he was not going to do it and threw a fit. Not just any fit but a major fit. I was so embarrassed-I couldn't believe that my son was acting like this. He was kicking, screaming, and holding on to his pants to no end.  Thoughts running through my head were-"what is this doctor thinking about this kid" or "has anything happened to him"? I am running a mental list of the last few weeks. It actually scared me. He was not going to give in. So we end of pulling up his pant legs to get a look.

Little Man got the third degree from me when we leave the doctor's office. I am questioning him and telling him off at the same time. His reply, "mom I didn't want to take my pants off for the doctor" I am just baffled at his behavior.

Daddy gets home and I tell him about his actions and wanting him to discipline him for his uncalled for behavior. 

The first thing that my beloved tells me is, " I don't blame him I wouldn't want to drop my pants either. I mean he just meet this doctor some 2 weeks ago preforming a Brit Milah-(which is basically a circumcision ceremony)!" "Do you blame him after watching this man give another little boy a circumcision!"

So the moral of the story. Do not take your 5 year old son to a doctor that he met  for the first time at a Brit Milah ceremony. Then right after seeing this doctor preform a circumcision expect him to drop his pants. It didn't even dawn on me while I was in the doctor's office that Little Man was scared to death to drop his britches for this doctor! Duh! I guess it took a man's understanding for this one. Hopefully next time he will warm up to the doctor. Many blessings.

The doctor told me that I put 2 and 2 together and figured it out immediately. He also decided not to let kids have front row seats at the Brit Milah ceremony in the future.

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