Wednesday, April 19, 2017

When They Teach One Another

Little Man has been learning how to play the guitar for a few weeks. He does his homework faithful everyday that he is given from his guitar instructor.

Little Man is 11 and Bug is 14. Honestly, they know how to get on each others nerves lately. I assume it's the age that they are.

Despite the sister and brother rivalry they take care of each other. Little Man is always helping his older sister out. With all of her physical and cognitive disabilities she is basically the younger sister.

He has taken it upon himself to teach her how to play the guitar. He is also trying to teach her how to read the music. He is teaching her a basic song which is the Jaws theme music. As a mom it just pulls on my heart strings to see my kids teaching one another.

The pictures aren't that great from my phone as I didn't want to distract or draw much attention to it.

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