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The Crafty Classroom a Homeschool Crew Review

My kids love geography and I take advantage of their like of the subject while we study history. We like to find the places on maps and facts about the area we are learning about. It’s been awhile since we have done a full fledge study in geography with the USA. This coming school year my plan was to revisited the United States in more detail now that my kids are older.
I was delighted when I had an opportunity to receive the USA Activity Bundle from The Crafty Classroom. The bundle comes with U.S.A Activity Notebook, U.S.A. State Bird Art Cards, and U.S.A. 50 State Mazes for only $15.00. This is a downloadable product that is available as an eBook PDF format.

The intended grades are 1-3 but, honestly this could be used with older children. You will need an atlas of the United States and a book on the states to complete this. You could also use the internet.

The Crafty Classroom is a homeschool mamma and understands the importance of having quality material at an affordable price. The prices are impressive.  Many subjects are covered from Bible, reading, science, geography, writing, and preschool. I know that I’m going to be purchasing Periodic Table of the Elements Activity Pack before we start school to add into our science this coming year.

This was extremely easy to download to my computer. Once it was downloaded and opened the files it was laid out in alphabetical order by state. Each state, maize, and bird has one page dedicated to it. This is not a set curriculum and is intended to be a very helpful resource for studying United States history and geography.

U.S.A Activity Notebook: covers fifty states. Each state is on one page that a mini map of the United States for you to mark the state location. The state flag and the outline of just the state by itself for you to mark the capital, mountains, rivers, lakes and other places that may be important to you to add to this outline. You also have a place to put the states abbreviation. The page has an area to add the states nickname, bird, flower, and state #. At the bottom there is a place for adding other interesting facts about that particular state you are working on. This section is in black and white that you can add your own color to it.


There are 8 full colored USA Bingo cards to print out. A full colored game board, “Roll Across America” with instructions and its super easy to play for all ages. She also has a suggested book resource to use with the set. Any book or even the internet will work with this.


U.S.A. State Bird Art Cards: This also has a recommended book suggestion which I didn’t purchase but, I’m planning on getting here real soon. This will cover all fifty states of the birds. Many states have the same bird for their state bird so it comes out to 27 birds in all for this set.


This is also on a one page sheet. Each page has a full colored image of the bird and a black and white for the kids to color themselves. There is a visual fact card to add your own research about the bird.  A memory card is provided for you to play a matching game or even drill which states the bird belongs to. You can also see in a gray-tone which states have that bird as their symbol. I would recommend you print this out on a cardstock if playing the game.


U.S.A. 50 State Mazes: The mazes are in the shape of the state outline. It features a maze for each of the 50 states. These are challenging mazes and a lot of fun.


How did I use this in my homeschool?


I spent a few days getting everything ready. I printed out the Bingo and the Roll Across America game.


 Since we have already been learning about the state of Kansas we started there. We spent a week on each state 3 Xs a week.


We started out each week reading my book about the state. Then I would have the kids search for the state in the atlas. They would then have to fill out the U.S.A Activity Notebook page independently. My 11 son was able to do this by himself without my help. My 14 year old daughter with special needs needed me to help her find the information she wanted to add to her page.  


The 2nd day we would work on the U.S.A. State Bird Art Cards. We have a lot of different birds in our area so we would pull out our Kansas field guide and see if one of the birds might be in our neck of the woods. If it was we would search for it. Not always successful but, it made my daughter real happy as this was her favorite part was learning about birds. Afterwards, we would work on our state maze.


The third day we would play some of the games. We haven’t done the bird matching game yet much to my daughter’s dismay.


I’m not big on digital products overall but, this is extremely nice. I like that I can print it out all at once or just print out the pages I need for that state. This is an impressive resource that I didn’t think I would need when studying the states. I’m greatful for all this has added to our state study and look forward to continuing this when we move forward in the school year.


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