Wednesday, September 27, 2017

The Great Missing Flag Caper! By Mary Therese Grabowski Book Review

The most patriotic symbol of The United States of America is the flag. Imagine America Johnson's surprise when she finally got picked to be on Flag detail at her school and her first day on the job the flag disappears! Where could it be? Who took it? Join the search with America and her classmates as they learn some interesting fun facts about "Old Glory" in The Great Missing Flag Caper! Warning.... the search takes a turn that's so disturbing America turns down Mac n Cheese for dinner! Now that's a big deal!

My thoughts:

This is the forth book in the “Spirit of America” series. What a delightful read this book has been. I love finding good quality books for my kids. The reading age is geared towards 3rd -6th grade.

The illustrations are colorful and attractive. The main character is very patriotic looking with her red, white, and blue outfit!

As a homeschool mamma I love that my kids are learning history and facts about the American flag. Throughout the story you learn the different names that our flag is referred to as. You will also learn about the stripes, colors, and stars and what they symbolize. Your kids are going to learn who made the original flag and when it was made. Who wrote our National Anthem, “Star Spangled Banner “. What about flag etiquette and the laws that protect the U.S. Flag? All of this is learned as the characters are interacting with one another in the story.

The story ends with our “Pledge of Allegiance”. There is also a quiz asking to recall some of the information I mentioned above.

This is my first time reading any books from Mary Therese Grabowski and it won’t be my last book I read from her. As a homeschool mamma this book would make a great addition when learning about our flag and history. It could be added in a unit study, curriculum, notebooking, and can be used with a lapbook. This is a wonderful story to enrich your homeschool library.

Thank you Mary Therese Grabowski for making this unique story and I look forward to expanding my library with your books. Most of all I look forward to handing this book over to my two children to read.

I received this book free from the publisher through the book review program, which requires an honest, though not necessarily positive, review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.  

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