05 March 2018

Magic Stix Washable Markers Review

The Pencil Grip, Inc. has another amazing product available. I was delighted to use their 24 pack of their Magic Stix Washable Markers! I don’t know about your household but, we go through a lot of markers! With all the masterpieces my kids are making we are bound to get forgetful at times with snapping those lids back on. Or have a marker get pushed off the table by a curious cat, usually its a few days afterwards that we discover the marker and it ends up in the trash.

Don’t let these markers fool you as not all markers are alike! They look like every other marker that you see on the store shelf but, they are unique markers in some ways!


The colors are bold, vivid, and vibrant! There are 24 colors in this set.  All your primary colors are included along with different shades of the greens, blues, purples, yellow, and other fun colors.


The markers come in a sturdy plastic molded case that the markers snap in place and stay in place. The case has a snap open and close tab also. No more ripped marker boxes with markers falling out of the bottom. The case has a nice handy handle for carrying and the case can fit in a bag! I know I’m a bit odd but, I love the case!


The markers are washable. They wipe up easily on the surfaces we had the markers get on with a baby wipe or a wet paper towel. Some of the darker colors don’t wash out on your clothes and skin with a first wash but, they do wash out usually after the second wash.


This is a big plus as the markers are odorless, which for me is huge having a child who is sensitive to smells. The markers are also safe as they are non-toxic.


First off I love that all the marker lids are the same color, big pet peeve of mine with the lids being on the wrong marker color. One less thing I need to fix!  The marker casing itself is the color the ink. The caps also snap on easily.

If you’re wondering what is the deal with the vented cap is! The vented cap is an ingenious design when companies use this with markers and pens. I wish it was on all markers and pens out there. The vented cap may reduce the risk of a choking death. How many times have you or one of your kids used a lid to whistle with or chewed on a lid? A lot of people love chewing on lids which sometimes accidentally get swallowed and lodged in your wind pipe and it ends in tragedy. By simply adding vents on top of a lid, it could give you a chance to get some precious air to breath while you’re waiting for an ambulance. I just happen to know this as I know of an individual who had this happen to their child and the pen had a vent on the top. That child is still alive today because that vent allowed just enough air to flow through till help could get there. Hopefully you don't ever have to experience that yourself! Not a fact many people know! Also there is some other benefits to the marker itself with the vented cap.

Markers won’t dry out:

Any mom should love this feature. My older kids still leave the lids off of markers. If its not the kids then its the cats, they knock everything they can off of tables just because they can. It seems like such a simple task to put a lid back on. It’s such a waste of money when you throw away markers because of the cap being left off.

Can you really leave the cap off for 7 days? They guaranteed that you can. I love a good challenge and wanted to put that claim to the test. Not only did I test to see that they won’t dry out I wanted to see if the colors are still bold and bright after taking the challenge.

 Day 1
 Day 2
 Day 3
 Day 4
 Day 5
I had to hide the marker every day from this little curious guy!
 Day 6
 Day 7
 Day 8

I had to push the test one more day. I left the cap off for 8 days. The marker kept its bold and bright color. Using the marker each day I didn’t have to work it to get the marker going either. The strokes are still smooth and the color came alive as soon as I made contact with the paper. Impressive is all I can say.

How did we use 24 pack of their Magic Stix Washable Markers?

Honestly, all you need to do is give a kid some markers and they usually can find plenty of masterpieces to make. 
 My 15 year old daughter loves to color and colored a picture with a butterfly. The colors do bleed thru so if your coloring in one of those snazzy adult coloring books you may want to put a page behind it.
 She decided to add some wood flower patterns to her pictures. The markers color good on all types material from paper, wood, and on cardboard.
Little Man made a birthday card for his father who reached the milestone of 51!
Both kids decorated some wood groggers for Purim. They had fun using these during our Purim Spiel!

The kids have done a lot masterpieces other than what you are seeing. My kids would still love to see these Magic Stix Washable Markers in a thinner size to be able to get more detailed in their creations.

The Pencil Grip, Inc. has other amazing products. Magic Stix Washable Markers are available in a 12 and 24 pack. These make wonderful creative gifts.

I can't wait to see what other crafts have came out of this review. Don't forget to click below to see for yourself.



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