Friday, December 13, 2013

Week in Review -Week #17-2013-2014

 I hope and pray everyone had a wonderful week. We had a fairly quiet week. Here are some of then highlights of our school week.

We are in Sonlight American History Part 2

Scripture memory verse:

Psalms 1


We are in the book of Kings and learning about the life of Elijah and Elisha. We have also been working on a workbook, "God's Puzzle".

Read out Louds

We finished reading, "The Great Wheel" by Robert Lawson.

This week we read, "You Wouldn't want to be a Skyscraper Builder! A Hazardous Job You'd Rather Not Take" by John Malam. If you have never read any of these books from this series you are missing out on some fun and educational books. I highly recommend them.

We started reading, "Brave Kids True Stories from America's Past Cora Frear" by Susan E. Goodman.

We read, "Into the Sky" by Ryan Ann Hunter".

For Poetry we are reading, "The Oxford Illustrated Book of American Children's Poems" By Donald Hall.

Physical and Health Education

Little Man did Karate this week. We didn't make it to PE this week as daddy needed the van. His battery went out on his truck. We did some jumping on the mini trampoline and jump roping. 

Therapy and Appointments

We had a quite week with appointments. Bug did do speech, occupational, and physical therapy this week.

I canceled horse therapy this week as Bug was a little under the weather. We will have a few weeks off of horse therapy until January.

History and Geography

This has been a full week of building things. We have learned about skyscrapers and how they are built. The kids wanted to know what the tallest one was. I let the kids get on the internet and search it out for themselves.

Little Man is fascinated with bridges after last week. He ended up making the suspension bridge his task this last week. He really took ownership of this craft.

             He worked hard getting it all together. Mom helped when he needed it.

 I found this craft from Confession of a Homeschooler blog and we tweaked it some to fit our needs. You can get the instruction from her site.

Bug thought it was difficult and didn't want anything to do with it so she made a skyscraper.

He is pretty proud of himself. He wants to take it to the county fair come this spring for 4-H. He wants to find some more realistic boats and glue some cars on the bridge. You did a great job Little Man!

The kids also created a Ferris wheel. It was a pretty simple task. I prepared a lot of it before hand over the summer. 
 It was kinda of a little crude craft. It was fun after learning about the World's Columbian Exposition in Chicago.
 As far as Bug was concerned is that it works and can go real fast. She tested it out for us.
 I will show you in another post how we made our Ferris wheel. Way to go Bug.

The kids also reminded me this week that we haven't done much in our passport book lately so we played catch up and them mapped out the states that we missed. I love that my kids keep me on track when I get off course.

Language Arts and Math

Bug is revisiting rounding off, estimating, and greater than less than in math this week. She had a hard start remembering some of it. After a few days it clicked with her again.

I did a big review on phonemes with Bug this week as this is something I have to do with her often. It's very helpful as she tends to regress with her skills from time to time. She did awesome with the review.

I also decided to review phonemes with Little Man and he must of had his mind on other things like building his bridge. He knew it just didn't want to do them. 

We played catch this week while remembering are math facts. The kids love it when we add action into math. I don't blame them. I may have to do this with Little Man on his karate vocabulary for his next belt he needs to test out on.


We did science this week! The kids are learning about the sun and what it does for our planet. The kids got to be Environmental Scientist this week. We read a few books that I had on the sun.

Hebrew, Art, Misc.. Studies

We did a lot of drawing this week. Little Man still had bridges on his mind and did an awful lot of drawing of bridges. Bug did her favorite thing with drawing insects.  

Hebrew is still doing good. Bug is learning some of her Torah portion for her upcoming Bat Mitzvah next year. Little Man is doing awesome in Hebrew.


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