09 August 2022

Global Reset by Mark Hitchcock & Jeff Kinley Book Review


Global Reset will open readers’ eyes and alert them to how world leaders are using the “Great Reset” agenda to seize pandemics, natural disasters and catastrophes, civil disorder, political unrest, and other current events to reshape every facet of life—all pointing toward the universal economy and godless global government of the Antichrist. 

COVID unleashed a cascade of consequences that are now reaching far beyond the pandemic itself. Governments have begun leveraging the coronavirus and even the vaccine as a power grab, setting the stage for further intrusions in the future. These accelerants are driving the world to the precipice of fundamental, irreversible transformation. The winds of change are blowing. Tectonic shifts are underway at every level.  

These realities are alarming by themselves. And yet, there remains a still deeper, more sinister agenda imbedded within. According to prophecies found in the Bible, a one-world government will indeed emerge in the end times. According to the book of Revelation, a future unified government will encompass the whole earth, and Satan himself will be behind it for the ultimate purpose of ruling over all the earth and being worshipped by its inhabitants. While we aren’t in the end times, we’re on the edge of the precipice. In Global Rest, readers will discover:

The “Great Reset” agenda that sets the stage for the end time scenario prophesied in Scripture.

How China and other great nations are beginning to play a dominant role in international, socioeconomic, and political dynamics.

Possible scenarios regarding America in the end times and what believers can do to stem the tide of decline.

God’s great reset planned for planet earth and humanity—the millennial reign of Christ.

Every person’s needs for an eternal personal reset that can come only through Jesus Christ.

Prepare yourself spiritually and arm yourself with information. Find answers to the questions everyone should be asking about current world events and how they may be ushering in Christ’s return. 

My Thoughts:

Global Reset by Mark Hitchcock & Jeff Kinley is a prophetic book about the coming end-times. With everything going on in the world are we in the birthing pains of the Messiah’s coming?

COVID seems to have set events around the world. We see how the government control came down in places we thought had more freedom. The book looks at globalism current events in depth. The worlds economical system is a mess, civil and political unrest. Wars and rumors of war and natural disasters. They look at Israel and how she plays a vital roll with end-time events.

The book goes over the rapture and the second coming. The books lays down current events and how they will lead to the anti-Christ.  As Believers I have always felt it is important to understand global events  and even boring political stuff. Even if you disagree with some of the insight and views the book is worth the read.

I  don’t agree with everything in this book. That is okay because as a lot of the book I felt was pretty good. I have gleaned some interesting insight that made me dig in deeper to God’s word.  It’s okays to agree to disagree. The most important thing is to read God’s word and pray. The book ends with a salvation message. Are you ready to meet Jesus? It could be today or tomorrow. We may live to see the end days? I don’t know but we have to be ready. I never let prophecy consume me as I see too much fear in people who get obsessed with it. I just know that the world is getting crazier and that Israel plays an important role in the end times. 

Interested you can purchase a copy:  https://amzn.to/3oyfuwW

Disclosure:  I received this complimentary product through FrontGate Blogger Network in exchange for my honest thoughts.

03 August 2022

Critical Alliance by Elizabeth Goddard Book Review


Mackenzie Hanson's special set of skills opened the door to a successful career as a professor of cybersecurity at a Michigan university, allowing her to put her criminal past behind her. But when a long-ago partner in crime delivers a cryptic message about her father's tech company being under cyberattack, she heads for Montana to secure exposed assets, close security breaches, and hopefully save lives.

Diplomatic Security Services special agent Alex Knight is back home in Montana to decompress from a mission gone wrong. But even as he's trying to relax, he's drawn into another mystery, complete with suspicious deaths, lethal threats, and whispers of espionage that all have one thing in common--a beautiful cybersecurity expert with a dark past.

When the situation turns deadly, Alex and Mackenzie will have to work together to find the answers they need--before someone silences Mackenzie for good.

USA Today 
bestselling author Elizabeth Goddard weaves a tangled web of nail-biting suspense and heart-stopping romance in this fast-paced conclusion to her Rocky Mountain Courage series.

My Thoughts:

Another fast paced adventure from author Elizabeth Goddard, this is the third book in the series. I have only read this one and Book 1, I somehow missed the second book in the series! The book didn’t make me feel like I was missing any information

Mackenzie Hanson has been estranged from her family for a long time due to mistake she made many years ago. She is a cyber security professor at Michigan University. She stumbles across intel that has her families tech company in the sight of being targeted with a cyber attack. Mackenzie offers to help things get worse with the death of a sibling.

DSS Agent Alex Knight gets involved and he isn’t sure if he can trust Mackenzie. With people dying and the danger is ever present. When he finds a drone spying on her and trying to kill her-well obviously someone wants her eliminated.

The cyber security is fascinating with all the technology and it makes an intriguing plot. This is a fast paced book with a lot of action throughout the book. Hold on to your seat and be prepared to stay up late to finish the book. I felt like there was no good stopping point!

Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through Revell in exchange for my honest thoughts.

15 July 2022

Abide Bible Review and Giveaway


I’ve had the privilege of exploring all types of Bibles throughout the years. All of them have their own uniqueness about them. The last few weeks I have been using The Abide Bible from Thomas Nelson.

 There are several cover options: Leathersoft in a Brown, Stone Design, and Cloth over board. I have the Stone Design cover and it is quite lovely.  They all look elegant and classy in my opinion. I don’t know about you but I love all the different designs that are available on Bible Covers now. There are also several Abide Journal options too.

Each book has an Introduction of the overview of the historical and context of the book. The font is the Easy-to-read 9-point NET Comfort Print. Each page is laid out in a single column with the features off to one side. The Bible lays flat while you are reading and you have to ribbon book marks to keep your place. Also a 365 Daily Reading Plan to read the Bible in a year.

The Bible and it’s features are based off “Abide in Me.” John 15:4 which entwined within the tools throughout. Here are some of the highlights.

Praying Scripture: On feature is that it is used to “Pattern your prayers after biblical texts” to help you through your emotions and thoughts.

Picture It: Place yourself in a biblical narrative as a bystander in key events.

Journaling: Reflect on Scripture and its meaning for your life as you dig into the word.

Engage Through Art: Consider a classic piece of art—photograph, sculpture, painting—and let it deepen your meditations on scriptural truths. There are beautiful masterpieces of  art and photos throughout the pages. Like Mary Cassatt, Rembrandt, and many others.

Contemplate: Encourage you to read, meditate through, praying and dwelling on the passage of Scripture through the words of the Bible. 

This is a lovely Bible.  It has a lot of unique features with study and prayer tools. The art is unique and how it is tied to the scripture and makes it interesting. Most importantly The Abide Bible is the Word of God and if the features have you searching scriptures and inspire you then this would be a good Bible for you to have. 

You can purchase a copy here

 Also, you can do a 21 days study through the book of John for free as part of the Bible launch  here

Abide Bible Giveaway here.

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I received this complimentary product


08 July 2022

Advancing Native Missions Free Resources


The most important thing I can give my children is teaching them about Jesus. Not all children have a parent of even family to share the Gospel with them. Today I'm going to share 2 wonderful resources with you that are free from@nativemissions

Resource #1 is a 12 page coloring book about the true testimony of a boy from the Ukraine. Artyom grew up in an orphanage in Kiev, Ukraine. He lost both parents and lost all his hope and joy. The Gospel is presented to Artyom and he finds hope and joy as he comes to salvation in Jesus. https://bit.ly/3OGcBoQ

Resource #2 is a Family Devotional on the Bible App Helping Parents to Teach their Kids to Live on Mission. https://bit.ly/3u7jl7f This is a free app from Advancing Native Missions. The 5-day devotional allows you to read the devotions and scripture verses aloud. This is a nice devotional to share as a family.

Both of these resources are rich in content and are teaching your kids about missions whether you are out in the trenches or at home. You can be apart of spreading the Gospel to the world.

I received compensation for this post. I fully support @nativemissions and the missions that they do to advance the Kingdom of God.

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06 July 2022

The Apostle’s Sister by Angela Hunt Book Review


Aya, daughter of Zebulon of Tarsus, does not want a traditional life. Because she has always lived in the shadow of her brilliant brother, she wants to use her gifts and be something more than a wife and mother. When her traditional father insists she marry Avidan, a Torah student, she reluctantly agrees, but when Avidan leaves for Jerusalem, she seizes an opportunity to fulfill her deepest yearning, realizing she may never have another chance to do so.

After moving to Jerusalem, she expects to be bored in her role as wife to a Torah student, but finds herself fascinated by her husband's studies. And when her brother Sha'ul makes a life-altering decision, she finds herself faced with a troubling question: How can she remain true to all she's been taught since infancy and still love her blasphemous brother?

 My Thoughts:

The fourth book in the Jerusalem Road series. I haven’t read any of the previous books in this series. I felt that the book was fine as a stand alone book.

The story takes place in 30 AD, in Jerusalem. Ava was married as tradition would have it and a husband was chosen for her. At 16 she was married despite not having a choice. She had to bury her dreams. Ava was a strong and likable character. Despite her not wanting to get married she was respectful and honored her parents and most of all she was going to follow HaShem’s will in her life. Aya, is the sister of Sa'ul of Tarsus. The story also goes into Sa’uls life too. When Paul has his encounter with Yeshua how will it affect Ava?

The story has a lot of Jewish customs/traditions, culture, and the religious and Biblical observations throughout. Some Jewish prayers are throughout the book and are accurate. As in any historical Biblical Fiction there is some liberty taken. The author has always done a remarkable job in all of her Biblical Fictions novels. The story isn’t a fast paced story and did take me a bit longer to read. However, the story was delightful and I enjoyed it very much.


Disclosure: I received this complimentary product through Bethany House Publishers in exchange for my honest thoughts. 

28 June 2022

Princess Charming by Zibby Owens Book Review


From debut author Zibby Owens comes Princess Charming, a lovable and empowering new character!

Princess Charming can't quite seem to find her "thing." She's tried everything from cooking to hip-hop, and hasn't been able to perfect either. Even her cartwheels are subpar. But when the castle hosts a superstar for a special event, Princess Charming finally finds her time to shine.

Princess Charming is about a brand-new princess character filled with fun, humor, and girl power. With a modern look and can-do attitude, Princess Charming is the perfect gift for all young readers who never give up!

 My Thoughts:

 Princess Charming is a sweet story of a little princess who is trying to figure out what she is “good” at. She doesn’t give up easily and isn’t afraid to try new things. She wants find out what she is “good” doing. She just seems to think she isn’t very good at things. She tries out baking, hip-hop, and even cartwheels. None of these things work out well for her.

 An exciting thing is about to happen at the palace when they have a superstar come to the palace. Stella Sparkle loses something special to her. No one can find it but Princess Charming is determined to locate the lost item. She finds the lost item and returns it to her new friend.  She also discovers that she doesn’t give up on anything and that is her special gift.

 The illustrations are delightful and capture the young reader’s imagination.


Disclosure: I received this complimentary product in exchange for my honest thoughts.


Bea and Mr. Jones by Amy Schwartz Book Review


 Bea Jones is bored with kindergarten. Really bored. Her dad is fed up with being stuck in an office. Really, really fed up. So Bea and Mr. Jones decide to change places. Neither kindergarten nor the office will ever be the same.
Originally published in 1982, Bea and Mr. Jones, Amy Schwartz’s unforgettable debut picture book, was a New York Times Best Illustrated Book of the Year and a Reading Rainbow selection. Now back with a fresh design, this charming favorite will inspire a new generation of children to see everyday life in a whole new light.

 My Thoughts:

Author Amy Schwartz celebrates the 40th anniversary of her debut picture book.

Reading this book brings back memories reading this delightful book to my nieces and nephews. As an adult you want to go back to your carefree days as a child. As a child you just want to grow up really fast. Okay so maybe I don’t want to go back to childhood!

 Bea is not happy with kindergarten and Mr. Jones not happy with his work. Why not switch places. They both find that they are very good in their switched positions. Bea gets a promotion and Mr. Jones is the teacher’s pet and have earned their status. Neither one of them go back to their old life.

I love the drawings and the black and white print. There are a lot of details to explore within the pages. A charming story with delightful illustrations throughout.


Disclosure: I received this complimentary product in exchange for my honest thoughts.



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