20 February 2019

Review: IXL Learning

Over the last few weeks my kids have been using IXL Learning. I received a Full Annual Membership for IXL, it came with the subjects of Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. We also received the Intro to Spanish. My son a 7th grader and my special needs daughter who is 16 have been using IXL Learning.

My daughter is working on math problems in this photo.

 IXL Learning has several subjects and grade levels depending on the subject.

Math is from Pre-K through 12

Language Arts is Pre-K through 12

Science is 2nd through 8th grade

Social Studies 2nd grade through 8th grade

There is also a Spanish Option that can be purchased with IXL Learning.

IXL Learning is an online learning program. IXL is a supplement program that can enhance your current curriculum by filling in the gaps or for extra practice for your children.

With your membership you have access to all grade levels of the program. This allows you to adjust your child’s learning level in every area if needed and not just focus them in one grade level. They recommend you do 15 minutes a day. I scheduled my homeschool 3- 4 times a week to supplement our school.

You can do IXL Learning in the comfort of your home or on the go. IXL supports many tablet options.  

IXL Learning can be used on your computer or on your iPad, iPhone, Android, or Kindle Tablet. Setting up your account is easy.  My family used IXL on our computer

You can look at your state standard by grade  and how IXL Learning aligns by grade and subjects. Just to clarify that this is a secular curriculum and doesn’t teach from a Biblical Worldview.

 Kids can pick their own icon when they sign in. Each kid has a unique sign in password you can create yourself.

When you first come to the page a menu pops up for you that will give you an option of which user you are going to sign in as. This is also where a parent signs in too. Everyone has a password that you input in and you are ready to go.

IXL Learning uses a diagnoses that continuously is used while your student is working on problems to help with placement. The diagnoses uses the answers that are selected both correct and incorrect to adjust the recommended skills in all areas. IXL Learning will grow with them to help personalized your students learning.

Your child can easily navigate from the tool bar to get to the subject they need to work on.

At the top of the webpage is sort of a tool bar. You can click on the subject you want to work on or the recommendation tab.

 This is showing the recommendation for my child. It shows all subjects. You can start in any area you want by clicking on the box.

The recommendation tab is what IXL Learning is recommending based off of what you have already done based of the continuous diagnostic. You just click on the box of any skill you want to work on.

If you go by subject you will click on the subject you want to do. You will see the grade tabs off to the left side. Within each subject you see a list of topics. You click on the topic and begin the lessons.

This is a photo of the basic layout of the questions that you student will encounter.

 I like to think of these as well done pat on the backs for 
 when a child meets goals.

 You get instant feedback when you answered the problem correctly. No need to wait if you did it right.
 You will get feedback on questions that are incorrect immediately and if you didn't complete a section. You will have to answer 4 more questions correctly in a row to pass a stage.

I like that the questions start to increase in difficulty as you proceed and will be customized for each child as.

 When they get an answer incorrect they see the problem and it is explained why they got the wrong answer along with explaining the solution.

When a question is completed they can see on the side bar how many problems have been completed, how long they have been working on the program, and their score. To continue on with a skill you need to earn a score of 100%.

I really like that the subjects are arranged by topic that way I can have my child work on a topic that I feel they need more practice in or I just go off what IXL Learning is recommending. I have the ability to jump around IXL Learning in every subject and topic. This is the same with each grade level and I’m not tied to just one grade.
This is the first two units in Spanish. The first unit has only vocabulary and in context. After that all the units cover vocabulary, grammar, and in context.

The Spanish section has 7 units. It is not based off of grade level. Within each unit there are several subtopics. The first few lessons go over the Spanish alphabet, numbers, days of the week, months, and weather and seasons.

Each unit in Spanish has Vocabulary which will introduce you to the vocabulary in the unit.Grammar goes over the grammar you need to know in the unit. In Context has you listening or reading a sentence and filling in the form correctly. 

 Above are a few examples from the Spanish units. Each unit increases in difficultly as you can see from the pictures.

 Everything is at my fingertips to see what progress each child is doing. They have a nice selections of reports available.

On my parent account it shows me what skills have been worked on. I can see what skills my children have mastered or those skills that need some more practice. It tells me how much time they have spent working on IXL Learning.  I get emailed reports for each of my children separately, when they have mastered a skill, and when they received a certificate.

 I receive emails on accomplishments and when they receive a new certificate.

 I get updates sent to me by email for me to be informed of their achievements.

 A collage of all the reports I have access too.

The parent section is fill with all sorts of reports for me to view. All my children’s scores/grades are tracked for each skill.  There score decreases or increases with both incorrect and correct answer. I like that they have ample opportunity to bring up their score/grades.

This isn’t a gamey learning program like so many others out there. They do have a reward system that they receive when so many questions are answered, time spent, or achievement in certain subjects. They get certificates and stars that show objects that they receive.

 Every time they achieve an accomplishment they open up an area and receive and award.
The certificates you can view online or print them out for you child or records.
How Did I use IXL Learning in my Homeschool?

As I mentioned earlier I scheduled this into our weekly schedule. The first week my kids did the diagnostics to get a more accurate placement.

My son working on the first unit in Spanish and the alphabet.

My son’s initial diagnoses had him in 7th grade math which he is currently working at this level. My son worked independent and spent the majority of his time working in math and language arts. He did dabble some in Spanish units. He’s my kid who likes to stay in order and doesn’t care to jump around. After he did the diagnostic test he just proceeded from each topic in order. In fact I had to remind him to change subjects.

 My son is working in 7th grade math and doing  probability questions.

My son’s thoughts, “I remember doing IXL when I was younger and I liked it then. I don’t mind doing it as the lessons don’t take me long. I prefer the math and language arts area. I plan on going into the social studies area next week. I was looking at it this last week and seen that they cover several continents and cultures that look interesting to study.” “ I don’t mind continuing this after the review.”

 My daughter is working on the diagnostic portion the first week of IXL Learning.

My daughter was placed in 3rd grade and ended up working her way up to the 4th grade level in language arts and math. Sher liked to jump around a lot after her diagnostic test. She found out that it wasn’t the best thing for her to do as she would get over her head with skills.

She also worked in science 3rd grade. She was excited to see the section on rocks and then fossils. She spent a lot of time in this section.

My daughter has learning disabilities and she had mixed feeling about IXL Learning. She didn’t like that I needed to help her a lot with the questions. Reading is challenging for her. It frustrated her that I needed to help her read the questions to her often. The younger grades have and audio function. I would love it if this feature was available for all grades and with the ability to turn it on or off in the parent account.

My daughter’s thoughts, “It’s fun even though I get stuck and frustrated at times.” “My mom or brother help me out when I ask.”  “I like that the screen and questions aren’t really busy as that really distracts me.”

Mom’s thoughts, “Overall I’m impressed with all the topics and substance that IXL Learning offers. This is something that I will continue using with my kids. This is probably one of the best online supplement program I’ve used. It covers a wide variety of topics. I feel that it is substantial compared to what other online programs.”

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