Monday, April 16, 2012

My Nemisis Are back in Full Bloom!

 My nemesis are dandelions! Not because they are weeds. They are actually quite pretty. My Bug is obsessed with them. Not just a little obsessed~ the whole world must stop and and acknowledge them. Maybe not the whole world but everyone in her world.
My daughter has some autistic tendency and dandelions are right up on the top of the list. Ever since she could first walk and discovered them.

I remember the day clearly because, I just  happen to take a picture that day. At that time it was precious that she discovered the dandelions.
 Now I have to plan where I park, which direction I need to walk to get to point A to point B as quickly as possible without too many dandelions. I now expect melt downs to the fullest if we don't acknowledge to stop and smell the dandelions. I'd prefer to smell the roses. Add bugs and cracks in the ground and we are in full season. I can't forget the stump in my front yard. Full stress season on my end when I need to get somewhere quickly and I am running behind. I laugh at it all when I am not on the go.

The second picture is the side of our neighbors house. Which every year I plan on sneaking over there with weed killer to spray them. Then I am afraid she will run farther as soon as the front door or van door opens. I prefer not to go over a couple of houses. The house next door is now empty so why is it so hard for me to spray them?

Now, I feel guilty spraying them because I have been learning about bees and plan on starting a beehive for Bug in the next year or two. Bees are crazy about my nemesis and they help feed them early in the spring before the other flowers start to blossom. Dandelions are full of nectar. Guilt trip-I have a new found respect for bees after pouring myself into books and even a few hives lately-which we are visiting one today!
Those dandelions sure do make her happy and they do bring smiles to my little girls face. We even have a chair on the front porch that she puts them all in to make a bouquet. At times they bring a smile to my face when I stop to smell the dandelions and I am not rushing from here to there. I still prefer to smell the roses!

Why couldn't she like carnations or tulips? They don't bloom just about everywhere. She likes just about every flower and likes to stop to inspect everyone. DANDELIONS are just her favorite and she gets more excited about them. Maybe I can plant a rose brush next to my front door so I can stop to smell the roses! That is something I will add on my, "to do list".

If anyone is wondering about the Wichita tornadoes it was way too close to my liking when you can count how close it was in blocks. My kids were scared when they got waken in the night and told to go downstairs in the shelter! No lives lost in this area-just lots of property damage.

Have a blessed day and stop to smell the roses today!!!!

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