Monday, March 18, 2013

Teepee Indian Village Diorama

After several weeks of hard work on our Native American Teepee Village Diorama we are finally done. This was a fun project.

The kids prepared the box for the diorama. Both kids wanted a river in their box. So Mom helped them plan a place for the river.
 The fire pits we glued sticks together and added tissue paper to make it look like a fire.
 I used skewers and a rubber band for the base of the teepees.
 Felt was used for the teepee covering. I found a template online. This is Little Man's teepee's.
Bug's teepee's. She wanted a lot of pink in hers. We decorated them in Indian symbols.
 Little Man's finished village. We used clip art to make the background. We glued sand at the edge of the river. The kids wanted to add rocks in the river. Little Man created a rock bridge to his.

He put a blanket inside the teepee. He said it was from a gray wolf! Don't you just love it.
 Bug's Indian Village.
 I love how she put two horses together and had the mother and colt loving on one another-precious.
 In the middle is the bison skin drying out. The sea shells are filled with mini glass beads. The kids came up with that idea during our reading of Lewis and Clark.
  On the right side is grain and a rock to grind it. We found Indian flat bread clip art and glued it next to the grain.
 The bison clip art along with Devil's rock. Little Man suggested the eagle at the top.
 I couldn't get a clear picture of the grain and rock.
Then the bison meat drying out on racks. We used felt to look like strips of meat. Little Man used markers and made line in his meat.

The kids are now wanting to do a Pueblo Indian Village. I am not sure if I can pull it off this year.


  1. These came out so nice! What a great idea.

  2. I'm stopping by from TBT. I'm sure these took a while to make, but they are great!


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