Thursday, January 23, 2014

Spy Mission for the Kids

My highly motivated kids finished school today in record time. They wanted to train more in the art of spying.

Mom pulled a fast one on them and we had an urgent Top Secret letter arrive.
Little Man quickly read the files within the classified envelope out loud.
The kids got a kick out of who was Dr. Chaos. It happened to be Little Man's favorite stuffed animal! Mom dressed him up in all kinds of diguises for the pictures.
Then the box of new toys and all kinds of gadgets. "Wow, Mom never does this much on an adventure" I couldn't resist as I was just as excited as the kids.
Wondering what I put in the boxes? ID card, passport book, flashlight, notebook, pen, phone, rear view spy glasses, regular sunglasses, invisible ink, play money, wireless hearing devices, a stop watch, sling shot with ammo, play toy gun, binoculars, metal clips, mustaches, funny glasses with the nose, fake teeth, fake credit card, and a cool sports car to pretend they are driving it. It was loaded and I'm sure I forgot something else.
Bug got the art of disguises down real quick. She didn't favor the silly teeth.
I ran them all over the house with clues. They had to detonate the fake explosive. (I painted foam flower balls black and used pipe cleaner and connected them to timers. 

Bug was the expert in unlocking the safe.

Little Man had to decode the clues as I wrote everything in invisible ink. 
They found out that Dr. Chaos had a crime partner,"Pooh Bear the Terrible". They found a surveillance camera that I hung up and found this picture with a note written on it by Agent Wolf Grey. ( I used a toy camera).
After a couple of stops in various rooms and overcoming many dangers they run into Pooh in Mom and Dads room. They arrest him, detonate the explosive in my camera bag, remove the bugs, and get past the laser beams.
They open the book safe and find the formula is missing and must act quickly to retrieve it. ( I even misspelled things on the clues to test them, or they couldn't find the next clue!) It worked!

I ran them a few more places and they finally found a map. They find out that their fellow Agent Wolf Grey was captured and being held. Next they find a key and the final clue and ran to the pantry.
 They had more laser beams to get around and then came face to face with robots that they had to fight. Agent Wolf Grey was tied up in a slinky force field and Dr. Chaos they had to battle and diffuse more bugs and explosives.
 The good guys saved the day and threw the bad guys in jail for life.
Then they got to relax and play with the Sliquid. I feel like a pretty cool Mom at this time. I had some happy kids who think homeschooling is pretty awesome.

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