Wednesday, April 23, 2014

CTC Math 12 Month Family Plan Schoolhouse Crew Review

Math is not one of my favorite subjects or an area that I excel in. When I had an opportunity to do a review for CTC Math for their 12 Month Family Plan  I was really excited to use CTC Math with my math minded children.
Whether you have a child who is struggling with math or you need extra help teaching math. CTCMath may be just what you need. Right now CTC Math has a sale going on for a 12 Month Family Plan for $118.80  for 2 or more students. This is a discounted price for homeschoolers. Other plans are also available. 

CTC Math is an online math program. You get unlimited access to all the online lessons and all the K-12 and you can even get math tutoring in areas like calculus to trigonometry with your membership. You will need high speed internet for this online math tutoring. 

Not sure where to start? You can start by giving a diagnostic test available in every subject to help you determine what level of mastery in each area.
The math lessons are taught by Pat Murray, an Australian math teacher. He presents each lesson in a simple and straight forward approach. Your child will watch an online math tutor video. The videos are anywhere from 4-10 minutes long. After the video they work on the math questions. If they get the question wrong they will be provided with instant feedback. The kids get reward certificates for every area that they complete. CTC Math even has speed drills to work on those dreaded math facts. 

Parents can see their child's progress online. CTC Math sends out weekly reports and when the student receives a certificate of accomplishment you get an email. You can set the percentage to determine the grade of each child’s needs. Having a special needs learner I set her goal lower than her younger brothers so she wouldn’t get frustrated. It averages out the three highest percentages for the final score.

I love that my child is not limited to one grade or level. They can work on any grade level in any area! 

How did we use CTC Math in our homeschool?

Little Man did the second grade level. Bug started out in second grade and then I let her jump around in grade levels up to fifth grade. 
Online Math Tutoring Schoolhouse Crew Review
In a typical week we used CTC Math four times a week. I had the kids do two lessons each day. Some days they did more if our schedule allowed. Some days they asked to do more math than I had scheduled. I had no tears!


K-12 and Basic Calculus to Trigonometry math tutoring

Access to all grade levels

Records all the work for each child separately

I can set the grade standard for each child

Navigation is super easy

I can print out reports for my records


Measurements are done in metrics. Not a problem if you live outside the USA

No audio on the questions. 

Not a full curriculum but an online math tutoring program.

I have to say that my kids really enjoyed CTC Math. It didn’t have any fluff like other online math programs. The videos are short and informative. The lay out of the program is simple to navigate. Bug had some issues with reading some of the questions. I would have loved to have the option to have the question read to help those struggling readers.

I may consider renewing this membership after my year is up. My kids have really learned a lot and they enjoyed CTC Math. For my struggling learner this has been amazing for her. It has built up her confidence and her independence. Having a child with special needs and having a straight forward, easy to navigate program without all the game distractions is something that makes me feel that the cost is worth it with her.

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