Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hebrew lessons

My husband has been taking Hebrew for a few months. The language is so different than English in the way it is spoken and written. My kids, especially Bug loves to listen to daddy when he is studying his flashcards. It amazes me how fast they pick it up and how much harder it is for us as adults. When daddy reads a word out loud and is trying to remember what it translates into English she just blurts out the answer for him! The majority of the time she is correct, she gets so excited when she answers for him.

Bug doesn't quite understand that everyone doesn't know how to speak Hebrew, so when she is I have to explain what she is saying because she gets frusterated because they just don't get it. (In her words) She loves to tell her speech therapist weekly all the words she knows and she is so clear in speaking the Hebrew words. English on the other hand she is very hard to understand unless you have been around her frequently. Her therapist says she sounds clearer talking Hebrew because she talks with a hypernasality. I just love watching my kids learn new things. They get so excited and just make me smile.

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