Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Classroom is finished!

This is the new part that we added.

My father-in-law added the coat hanger. At first I thought it might be too long. It's perfect. I can put the maps that we use all the time on the side that the chalk board doesn't cover up.
Actually, my father-in-law hung all the shelves for me this time. THANK YOU!

These are the shelves I put up last year. I added a small shelf on the bottom other than that I just rearranged the books around.

I have more shelf space. Time to buy more books! LOL! I also put in two plastic drawers to do the workboxes. I will tell and show you more about those in another post.

The only thing I need to do is to finish the floor. I have those connecting rubber mats on the floor. I like them alot. They are so colorful and the best part is that they clean up so easy. We have had paint, clay, play- dooh and drink spills and it cleans up so easy. Did I mention potty training also. Yep! I know that is disgusting. That is just part of potty training at times. Trust me we try to avoid those accidents as much as possible.

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