Saturday, September 5, 2009

First week of school

The first week after having a summer school schedule went good overall. We only did three days this week instead of four. That's okay. I was thinking it would be more of a hit and miss week with me starting off and doing something new-the workboxes. My mother-in-law broke her shoulder this week and we went over to help out one day. I am grateful that I am home to be able to do it. I love homeschooling and the flexabilty.
Next week, we go the the Children's hospital to have the EEG and MRI done on Bug. At first, I was thinking I would start after we came back from the hospital. I am glad I didn't. I figure next week I will only get three days done of school also.
Bug loved the workboxes it made so much sense to her and it motivated her. We even did some crafts and she was able to see them in the drawers and wanted to finish each drawer to get to the crafts. I even had games and puppets. We made some ancient clay pots this week and did a few cut and paste crafts.
School took longer than I expected-around three hours. I was thinking our day would be two hours on a good day. I didn't even start Little man and Sierra this week. Maybe, it's just the new routine and getting adjusted. Time will tell.
The best part was her reading. I had some reading books from last year we didn't use. She fell apart with these readers and we had to put them up. She picked up the book and read the stories like a pro. All three days she did so good. She was excited that she read all by herself. Now she feels like a big girl.
She just needed to mature in that area. That is one thing I am learning with homeschooling is that you don't need to worry yourself if it goes bad the first time-just step back and try again later if it fails the first time. The stories start getting longer here real soon and it will be interesting how she reacts. We will cross that road later.
We are loving the Mystery of History and she likes the notebooking part. I am doing most of the writing at this point until she is ready to do more.
She is so far flying thru All About Spelling. I expected that during the first few steps. I am still using the Tatras "Teach America to Read by Frank Rogers" with the AAS. With Bug's speech issues I mix both programs together when I do the review at the beginning of each lesson of AAS(which is the phonics part of AAS)I actually separate the two. In other words, I do phonics first-then she reads and then I do the step in AAS and don't do the phonics review like they say to in the book at that time.
I think I would get sick of it if I was her with speech therapy weekly and then me drilling her at home. It only adds and extra 10 minutes to our schedule and we go pretty quick. She knows just about all of her sounds it's just saying them the correct way which is hard for her.
Praise the Lord that we had a good week. I will have to tell you more about the other programs later. I don't like reading long post myself. I could keep going but I will spare you the agony.

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