Monday, September 21, 2009

We have the test results back

We finally got all the results back on the MRI and EEG and a genetic testing we had done in June. The good news is that they seen no tumors, aneurysms, seizure activity or any recent strokes. The blood test on a certain seizure activity didn't show anything also. I am very relieved that it came out the way it did. Bug's Dr. put it, "it still is a big mystery to us, with so many unanswered questions. Bug is just going to remain a mystery in so many ways for now." That's kinda how I feel. You want your questions answered. I like knowing what to expect. We are kinda at a crossroad at this point. Basically, something dramatic has to happen or they find another child that has the same deletion in their chromosome.

Bug did real good being sleep deprived during the whole ordeal. Staying up until midnight was easy. We just got some movies from the libray and watched them all night. She wanted to stay up all night. She had to slept fromm 12-4 that night for the testing. At 4 I got her up and put her in the bathtub to shock her awake. A friend let us use their portable DVD player for the 3 hour drive. She tried to drift off a few times.( I did too, good thing we both did it at different times) The worst part for her was putting on all the buttons for the EEG. The glue and the time putting them on was hard. She fell asleep right away for the sleeping part. We had a heck of a time waking her for the rest of the test and she cried. I don't blame her she had to keep her eyes opened while they flashed this horrible blinking light into your face.
I was laying in her bed the whole time and it helped her alot with all the testing. I almost forgot-to mention that the MRI showed a foreign object in her nose. When we took her in to the Dr. she couldn't see anything. Jeff prayed for her that the object would either go away or come out easy. Our last object up the nose was not very pleasant. I was not looking forward to a repeat.
Praise Yeshua, that the test results where all good. I have to admit some part of me is frustrated with the not knowing. I just need to remember that He is in control.

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