Friday, February 5, 2010

Hebrew class

Little man started in a Hebrew class at the Messianic Synagogue we attend. The class is for all ages. Little man and his friend are both 4 and are the youngest in the class. It's funny seeing them in a class filled with all ages from teenagers to 60+. They look so small and out of place. He is so thrilled to be in a class with adults and feels like a big boy.

They first learn how to say and write the alphabet. Dad has been teaching the kids how to speak Hebrew over the last 2 years. They know alot of words already. Bug can really pronounce the words well. I didn't put Bug in class because sitting still is an issue and she would distract everyone and would have a comment for everything. She is learning at home and is doing very well. I haven't done writing the alphabet with her since writing is difficult enough for her. I am afraid that it would confuse her also. Little man will maybe have the Hebrew class for around 2 months and then it will get to complicated for him. They will start reading Hebrew in the class around that time. Then next year when the class begins again he will start over. I am looking in to getting some type of software at home to teach them.

It has been a long time since I have posted. I don't know how anyone has time to blog at times. It has been very busy around here lately. We have all been fighting colds and spreading them back around to each other. I think this has been the worst year for me. I usually only get one or two colds every year. I think I have been so tired with our schedule this year that it is effecting me alot.

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