Friday, September 17, 2010

Kansas storms

The storms are wild here at times. They seem to pop up out of the blues. We had the tornado sirens roaring and winds up to 100 mph. My kids and husband love the storms. I guess I am the party spoiler around here. I can do with out all the crazy weather. I prefer a gentle shower with no sirens blaring.
I waited a little to long to get the picture of the hail. They melt fast! The first hail stone was a half dollar size, then we had golf ball and last was larger than a baseball. Much to my dismay the kids wanted to run out in the backyard to play in it. Dad sat on the back deck with them(which is covered) and let the kids grab the ones that bounced onto the deck. All the tornado's where in another section of our county. Bug compared the hail to the apples we had left over from the apple orchard. Luckily, we didn't have any holes and leaky roofs from it. Many others where not so fortunate. Our roof survived without damage also.
Our beloved tree got hit by a micro burst, and showed no mercy to the poor tree. I had dropped my van off at the shop for an oil change right before the storm hit (it also amazingly had no damage) My beloved just happened to pull his truck up into the garage which, he wouldn't of if my van had been at home. 
We couldn't pull the branch out of the street. It doesn't look that large of a branch in the picture. We had to tie a rope to it and have it pulled out of the street with our truck. A few block away many trees got uprooted completely. We have to do some major pruning here soon. It left many branches weak and the branch that fell left the rest of the branch top heavy. Have a wonderful day!

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