Thursday, September 30, 2010

Little Man and Bug the Best of Friends

I am going to link up for the first time with Hartley’s Life with 3 Boys in the Sensory Processing Disorder Blog Carnival. The topic is siblings.

What can I say about Little Man to make others understand how amazing brother he is. Little Man is very compassionate towards his older sister. He acts more like the older brother.

Here are a few stories of his life with Bug:

Little Man asked me several months back when he will start therapy. He was sad when he was informed that he doesn’t need it. I never really thought that his entire life he has been going and spending three hours a week at the hospital for Bug’s therapy. In the last month we just added another two more hours for Vision Therapy. That is a total of five hours for a four year old to endure weekly! Then you add on the crazy schedule of endless Dr. visits.

Bug hums all the time. She hums even louder when she is coloring or writing. I recall when Little Man started to like to color- he started to hum with his sister. Not a good choice on his part as Bug let him have it. How was he to know that humming is not a required part of coloring.

Bug requires a lot of attention, and Little Man is my second set of eyes with her. She likes to wander and try and find dandelions, bugs and cracks in the ground. She is lightning fast and I need him to be another set of eyes. He worries about his sister. I hope I haven’t created it in him. I remember going on a nature walk at one of the local nature centers at the beginning of spring. We had a backpack filled with books to identify bugs, birds and other creatures at the park. We had several magnifying glass. It was my Bug’s dream adventure. She had to stop and inspect every thing that moved. She was amazed at all the tall grasses, wild flowers and trees surrounding the trails. After a half hour into the trail Little Man was a total mess. He wouldn’t let me walk in front of her. I had to stop when she stopped. He wanted me to hold her hands. He just started crying and wanted to leave right away. No amount of talking would calm him down. So we left the park. After we got into the van Little Man informed me that he was so afraid that Bug would get lost in the grass, fall in the pond or some stranger would grab her from inside the trees. He was terrified that a snake or bug would bite her. Wow, what a load for a four year old to carry. He has gotten better in that area with lots of reassurance.

They love each other and hate each other. They fight, hit like any other siblings. They get irritated with each other. They love to wrestle and do it often. Bug doesn’t know when to stop and gets carried away at times. She hits thinking she is playing and gets rougher not realizing that she is now hurting him. Little Man puts up with a lot and loves her unconditionally. They are the best of friends and the worst enemies at times.

Bug requires a lot of my attention. He is patient and so helpful to me. When he gets in trouble his punishment is sometime different because the reality is that Bug doesn’t understand. He prays for her mind and body every night for God to protect her and to help her mind to understand things. It was not something he had heard from us during prayer. It was the desire of his own heart in his prayers.. I am truly blessed to have two kids who love each other unconditionally.

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