Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Books Everywhere

I have just about ran out of room to store my books. Between homschooling and me blogging for books. Not to mention my beloved husbands books. I have books everywhere. I have even ran out of book shelf space and they are two rows deep, and stacked on top of the rows. Everyone in the family is addicted to books.

I remember some 16+ years ago my husband and I helped someone move and he had so many books that I remember thinking that he needs to get rid of some of them. Well, I think I just put my foot in my mouth. I would hate to have to move at this time. Just thinking about it makes my back ache!

Another problem is that when ever I go out to a used book sale or even new books I find myself coming home with books I already own :0). I can't help it they are great books!

I actually even have my books organized and can find any book on any subject needed quickly. It is organized on my shelf. I even have a spread sheet in alpabetical order of my hundreds of books.

I went to the library's used book sale and our yearly homeschool used book last week. When I got home and seen my crates of books I wanted to cry at the thought of entering in all the books in my spread sheet. Did I mention that I got a great deal and some awesome books! I am a hopeless- when it comes to books.

I broke down last week and bought a program to organize my books. I am tired of spending all the time typing in the ISBN and all the other information. I bought Collectorz book organizer! I even did the book scanner. How nefty is that! Now, I will have to scan all those books into the program :0(. Once I get what I already own into the software it will be so quick and easy.

Next, maybe I can get sometype of an tablet so I can actually look at it when I am out and about to see if I alreadly own the book. I don't have a phone that I can do it with. I have been drooling over an Android Tablet or an IPad. I will have to save up for a while for that.

Next mission is tell my beloved that I am in deserate need of another bookshelf. Have a blessed day. I will let you know what I think of this book organizer program.

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