Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Imaginext Toys Everywhere!

It is no secret for those who know us or have been over to our home that my kids love any toy they have to use their imagination with. I love watching them play. They make me laugh and smile at the things they come up with.

I had to laugh the other day when I was helping Little Man find something. I am an organized person overall. I have trained the kids with the motto, "everything has its own place".  They are pretty organized generally. When I start hearing them ask me over and over to help them find something I know its time for us to straighten things out again. Usually its after several play dates at the house.

Anyways, I have lots of plastic containers for toys. Each bin is for something specific. I had to chuckle at how many containers have Fisher Price Imaginext toys in them! We just love them.

Little Man's floor of his closet is wall to wall in Imaginext toys!
Imaginext people!

Imaginext animals!

More animals and an alien!

All those cool gadgets that come with the Imaginext play sets!

Imaginext airplanes and the dragon!
We don't want to forget about the dinosaurs.

That is not all the Imaginext toys. We still have a couple more bins of Imaginext toys. They provide hours of fun. Lots of adventures have been created. Mom and Dad love that the toys are durable. I can honestly say we have not had one break. Little Man is not always gentle-he's a boy and he plays hard. Bug loves them also and creates her own adventures. Little Man wants more of the play sets. I have no idea where they will go but I am sure I can find a place or another container to fit more into.

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