Monday, November 14, 2011

Much Needed Seperation

Our table in the classroom just wasn't working out anymore. My nerves were getting frazzled with all the bickering that was happening during school. " Scoot over, I need more room!""Your crayons are in my way!"
Then one would purposely scoot the others crayons on to the floor. Then tempers would flair, along with tears and much drama! I couldn't even put them on opposite ends because mom needed her books to teach. I knew I needed to give the two of them some space.

Even when they were sharing the table it was hard when we needed to spread out for some activities and we would have to set a pile on the floor to retrieve when needed.
What a lovely sight. The table is 60" round. I was hoping for something along the line of 48". I would of had to order it online as it was not a size in stock at the stores. By the time I paid shipping it would of been more money. I picked this up at Sam's Club for $99. It takes up most of the floor space in the classroom. Which I hated to do. For the sake of sanity I went with a 60"!

I love being able to put my book holder and pile my own books on the table. I even added our office carousal on the table. In the purple box I put our scripture memory verse cards, books of the bible cards, ink pad, and other items that I use daily. I even put our bell and timer on the table. WE still have lots of space.

The funny thing is that I catch them scooting closer to me and I have to tell them to scoot over when because I need some elbow room. They even walk around the table at times to be next to each other when working on some projects. My jaw dropped the first few times they did that. They now look for excuses to be near to each other! Don't you love it!

What I don't like about it is if I am reading a book with pictures in it I use to tell them to scoot in closer and then tell them to scoot out again when I was done. ( I had to retrain myself)  A lot of times when we are reading picture books they may be working on something else. For Bug that much of a distraction can cause a lot of loss of concentration. It is hard to get her back in sync.  If I am able to I will purposely show them (her) the book where she is. I have had to retrain myself to read those types of books with them. I miss the closeness of a head on my arm or shoulder! Little Man lately comes and sits on my lap! Bug stays put in her area the majority of the time. Once in awhile she ventures over or she will sit on her knees and lean into the book.

For the sake of sanity this has been a wonderful edition to our school room. The days are more peaceful and productive!

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