Thursday, February 23, 2012

100 Day Celebration

The kids celebrated 100 days of school this week. Actually the 100th day was last week. My kids made me fork up and extra 4 chocolate chips. I just can't get anything past them anymore. So we celebrated 100 104 days of school. Every year we just count out M&M's or chocolate chips on a hundredth chart. Then after all is counted they stuff their mouths with 100 104 sweets.
 Bug asked me this year if," she can count to herself silently since she is a pro at counting to 100" What happened to the 4 chocolate chips? They ate them before counting!
Little Man is so serious with his counting to 100. He actually slowed down instead of going at the speed of light counting.
Okay, so maybe he isn't so serious. Can you tell he is my show off clowning around kid. Bug just rolled her eyes at him and said, "keep counting so we can eat them."
"Look mommy I counted to 100 can we eat them now?"
Need I say anything else. The picture says it all.
As I torture my kids and make them wait a few more seconds. This is what 200 chocolate chips look like? Just in case you are wondering. Are ya hungry?
Bugs approach at eating chips is grabbing a handful and then stuffing as many as she can into her mouth. Then keep adding to the stuffed mouth. Never letting the mouth get completely empty.
She looks like a chipmunk eating them with her puffy filled cheeks. She finished 100 chip in record time and then asked for more. Which I said, "no more."
Surprisingly Little Man eats only a few at a time. With sound effects of course.
So another year of 100 104 days of school. Filled with lots of goodies and happy kids that dream of eating 100 chocolate chips only once in a year.

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