Friday, March 16, 2012

Our Week In Review

I don't know how this week got so out of hand. We started out Monday ready to conquer the week. Then it just went a little haywire. I am not even sure what made it different.

Monday we had our regular therapy for Bug. When we came home we read our read-out-loud and did the other planned school assignments. It was a day that I scheduled extra light thinking I would give them some time to play outside and the rest of the week we could do what was needed. Yea right!

Tuesday I let the kids sleep in a little and then we headed off for PE class. Afterwards we had an unplanned errand happen. Then the rest of the week just got busier than normal. Tuesday we did manage to cuddle on the couch some and finish, "Twenty One Balloons."

Wednesday I took Bug to get her yearly picture taken. Usually, I do this sometime between September and October along with having Little Man's picture taken in the same time frame. Well next up will be his picture in the next few weeks. Or that is the plan. We did some shopping while waiting for the pictures to be developed. By this  time I had more unexpected errands come up. It was then that I realized that this is a good week to take a break. Not by choice, because I was planning on making next week a light week since we have my older daycare6 Princess on spring break. I thought it would be fun to give them a little more time to enjoy her. Which I still am going to do. Hey, I homeschool! I can do it!

Thursday Bug had a scheduled appointment and we added on an emergency appointment at the request of her Dr. right after the first one. Her Dr. just happened to be in this building which he practices once a week at. He was concerned about some issues she has been having and wanted to see her instead of dealing with it over the phone.

Bug informed him that her ear is hurting and he found that one ear is filled with wax that is to deep for him to remove safely. Bug has a history of ear infections which it could be that she has one that is hiding in all the wax. She was sick last week which is most likely. The Dr. just looked a her ear a month ago and it was fine as far as wax not being so bad. Ear drops were prescribed. Hopefully it is just the wax causing the problems so we can stay away from the Dr. next week.

Then with the last minute appointment we had to rush out of the Dr. office at lightning speed to get to her last horse therapy session and lunch along the way. Bug was so sad that it was week 7. I wish we could do another session right away. I want to see the damage after the scholarships and all the other paper hoops before I commit. They said that Bug is doing so well that they would start teaching her to manage the horse herself. Of course, they would be near by. They feel that she could do it.

If only I had a money tree in my back yard. It runs around $35.00 a session after one scholarship then that is where they lost me with all the other paper work. Which could still be $35.00 or less depending on if another scholarship is to cover some or all. Without the first scholarship it runs $125.00 a session. So I am seeing what the damage is because $35.00 a week adds up with 7 weeks. We can manage that if needed but not anymore.

Afterward horse therapy we where invited earlier in the week to a friends house to see the beehives. The kids got to watch the bees bring home the pollen and see the busy bees at work. Mom bought some honey. Yummy fresh local honey. Then she loaned me some books on bee keeping for our future project.

We rush home to get ready for my nephews birthday party. After the party we rush to entomology class. Yesterday was an extremely long and busy day. I was grateful I didn't have my daycare Princess3 yesterday. She would of been a bear and I wouldn't of blamed her. I was exhausted by the time we strolled in last night at 9:00.

Today I promised the kids a trip to the dollar store and I have a few errands to do. Even though we didn't get done what I had planned in school it was still a good week. A little to busy for my liking. I am just waiting for the meltdown from Bug. A busy week is hard for any kid but for other kids with special needs it is that much harder.

How was your week? Next week we have one big appointment and other than that we will see what happens.

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  1. Hi Renee, dropping by to see how you are :) Hope you have a Great weekend :)

    Blessings, renee


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