Monday, October 15, 2012

Our Sukkot Celebration

We had another fun time with Sukkot/The Feast of Tabernacle this year. We celebrate Sukkot together as a congregation and at home.

We decorated the Sukkah the first day of Sukkot and enjoyed a potluck together under the Sukkah.
(Yes, some of the pictures look fuzzy on the faces. I try not to put others pictures online unless I have permission or know that they are okay with me doing so.)

 Little Man helping with getting the palms up on top of the Sukkah.
 Bug only wanted to add the flowers to the Sukkah. She even forgot about insects for a short time!
 I am up on the ladder hanging decorations to the Sukkah.

 Every other year we get to watch the airshow. I believe it is the Thunderbirds.
 The jets come very close so we can watch most of the show except when they go behind the trees. It is loud and no seems to care.  Its just fun watching the show while you decorate and eat.
 After the potluck and the air show.
 Then a few games of basketball or in Bugs case just having fun dribbling the ball.
Little Man enjoying the weather and watching the activities.
 The following weekend we have our camp out. We had around 25 tents in the back of the Synagogue.
It was a cold day and evening. The kids and I didn't stay overnight this year because Little Man had bronchitis and the temperatures were in the 30's that night. We still had fun and stayed until 11pm while Dad had the tent all to himself.
 My Bug is all layered and bundled up.
 The youth group puts on a sort of field day for the kids and adults. Bug is carrying a balloon to the other side in a relay race.
 Little Man and his relay race. Last year on Sukkot they were trowing water balloons. Too cold this year.
 Then the bouncer was opened and the kids went running. We have this every year.
  Hi Mom!

 Then someone blew a breaker inside. The kids loved it as they were in it when it deflated.
 Then we flipped the breaker and the kids got back in.
 Gunny sack races. Bug couldn't see but came in second place.

 We have a small Sukkah out back also. When the night comes we have two fire pits to keep us warm.
 We come inside around 10pm for praise and worship and a teaching. Afterwards the kids had fun hitting the pinata.
Even Rabbi got to hit the pinata. Which delighted the children. Then the board games came out. Our you could watch a movie a movie about Sukkot, "Ushapizin".

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