Saturday, October 27, 2012

Week in Review-Week # 9-2012-2013

Wow! I can't believe how fast the school year is going. Does it feel like it is flying by for you also?  
We are in Sonlight Core D week #9

Scripture Memory this week:
1 Corinthians 16:13-14, Psalms 37:3, Genesis 41:52  


We have been in the book of Shemoth which is the book of Exodus.


We are reading, "The Thanksgiving Story", by Alice Dalgliesh and "My First Little House on the Prairie". I started reading last week, "The Witch of Blackbird Pond" but my kids were having a hard time following it. I will put it up for now.

For our poetry, "A Child's Introduction To Poetry" by Michael Driscoll. 

Physical Education
We have put PE on hold this semester so we can catch our breath after so much busyness. 
Little Man is doing karate and with both kids we are doing stretching, jump roping, scooters, and what ever fun stuff we can think of.

Therapy and Appointments
Bug had Speech Therapy and his doing so well on her /S/ sound that is a huge huge accomplishment for her. Occupational Therapy she is meeting so many goals that she has been struggling with for a long time. Physical Therapy this week she did some jump roping and is getting it. It was a good week for her in her therapy area.

Bug was riding on her knees this week, playing basket ball while on Lily. She will have next week off before the next session.

American Indian Prayer Guide
We have been praying about the Lumbee Indian tribe in North Carolina who are the only tribe that have excepted Yeshua(Jesus) as their religion as a whole. 
They made an agreement with England's King when the pilgrims first started to settle in their area.They are a large tribe but are not recognizes as a Indian Nation and do not have their own reservation.
We found North Carolina on our map and stamped our passport

History & Geography
 In the Story of the USA book 1. The kids heard about Esteban again. We talked about how different the book, "Walk the Worlds Rim" was from the history book. I was delighted in our conversation and how much they remembered from the story. Sometimes I wonder how much they listen!
We learned about the explores Coronado and De Soto and a few other explorers.
 Language Arts, Math, and Misc Studies

This week in art class the kids learned about how to do photo booth and then learned how to edit and make fun editions in their self portraits. Little Man put himself on a roller coaster. Bug found the bug ccostumes and dressed her self up for her photograph.

Math has been fun for Little Man with RightStart Math. Ifeel like I am not even teaching him math. He can tell you all the equations of 10, can skip count quickly with his 2,5, and 10's. Odd and even he has caught on quickly. I love it.

Bug is still doing Math U See Gamma. She is surprising me with how quick she is catching on.

The best thing that happened this week is that Bug read 4 books all by herself out loud to me! This is another huge accomplishment! Granted they are small books and the reading level is way below were she should be. Anyone who has been following my blog knows that this is a struggle for her to read. We went to the library this week and she picked out some bug stories.

 Another Pinterest find. The kids had a lot of fun with this. Bug was really into this craft and spent a lot of time on this.

 Little Man was struggling with mixing up Country and Continent. Hopefully this will help him understand it better. 

This last week Bug had a pet. Her name is, "Leaf" she is a Broadwinged Katydid. We are pretty sure it is a female by its features from the field guide. We kept it for almost a week and then released it. Bug couldn't freeze it to add to her collection. Which I am glad she released it.
 She did kiss it a couple times while out in the garden! We were spying on her. It kept coming back into her hands. It was precious.
Broadwinged Katydid

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