Friday, January 18, 2013

Week in Review-Week #21-2012-2013

We are in Sonlight Core D week #21

Scripture Memory this week:

Reviewing all previous scriptures


We have been in the book of  Devarim which is the book of Deuteronomy. We are also doing some studies from," Proverbs People".


We are reading, "Carry On, Mr. Bowditch" by Jean Lee Latham. We also reading "If You Lived in Colonial Times" and "If You Lived in the Times of the Revolutionary War."

For our poetry, "A Child's Introduction To Poetry" by Michael Driscoll 

Physical Education
Little Man is doing Karate class weekly. The kids are still jumping on the mini trampoline, scooter, and jump roping.

Therapy and Appointments

Bug didn't have her speech, occupational, and physical therapy this week as my battery died that morning. At least we were still in the drive way.
Horse Therapy is on hold until next month. We are still waiting to see if she will receive another scholarship


American Indian Prayer Guide

We have been praying and learning about the Osage Indian tribe and there move to Oklahoma. We located the tribe's area on the map and stamped our passports. 

We made Osage Weaving Mats.

History & Geography
We are still studying the Colonial Times after the war. 
The kids are still learning about the Constitution and just started on the Bill of Rights.
We finally finished working on our Privateer Boats after several weeks. We had to add several coats of paint and a top coat to the boat.
 It was a lot of fun and the results have been worth it. Mom had to attach the sails and a few details to the ship.
 Bug came up with the idea of adding a flag to the ships.
 These ships are kits that I picked up at Rainbow Resource. They were reasonable for under $2.00.
 Little Man wanted his ship to to have a black bottom and mast and green else where. We used masking tape so he could separate the colors.
 Purple with pink pok a dots. Only from my little girl do we end up with this design.

 Language Arts, Math, and Misc Studies
Bug has finished her second cursive book. She is doing so well and has surprised me in this area. I don't know what to do with her with handwriting at this point now that she has completed everything. She lives the workbooks in this area. Must books the size is too small for her to do. 
Math is going good also. She is remembering all of her multiplication facts by skip counting. Go figure after all the difficult times of getting her to learn skip counting.
 Little Man is reading on his own and loving it. Math is going just as well. He enjoys RightStart Math so far. 
 Bug went to Entomology class this week. She pinned a few bugs with a little help from one of the other students. Pinning can be difficult at times with her arthritis so this means that we are controlling her arthritis. Yea!!!!!
We have also been studying the human body. We read the "The Magic School Bus, Inside the Human Body" We also have read some books on the heart and lungs.
 The kids ended up green! They had lots of laughs.

 We made life size body and glued the organs in the correct place.

 Have a blessed week. 

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