Saturday, March 2, 2013

Week in Review-Week #24,#25,#26-2012-2013

It has been a few weeks since I have done a week in review. We got a lot done with all the snow as many appointments got canceled. I'm going to show the last few weeks in pictures.

 We celebrated 100 days of school. My kids don't want crafts for the day-they want chocolate! How many times a year do they have an excuse to eat that much M&M's with mom's permission.
 Little Man told me his stomach was getting full of M&M's. He is good at knowing when to stop.
  So we bagged them to save for later. This was 3 weeks ago and he still has quite a few left. When he wants a few then he grabs a handful. Only mom knows were his stash is or Dad and Bug would snack on it.
 Bug doesn't waste time when it comes to her favorite candy-off the board they go-
and all 100 of them ended up in her mouth. Then she asked for more-which she didn't get!
 We made American Bison mask.
 Bug had to make a rainbow bison.
Little Man wanted to wear his mask for awhile, Bug wanted nothing to do with it tied around her head.

 Field trip at Exploration Place during engineer days. They made a robot that draws.
 Crude looking, but it made pencils marks that went in circles. It was fun!
 Next station was building a bridge and making sure it was strong enough to support the weight.
Then we had to build a tower with 100 blocks making it taller than everyone else. This was just a few of the activities.
Lakota Indian Coup stick. The kids learned that a counting coup was a battle practice of Native Americans of the Great Plains. It demonstration of bravery, it consisted of touching an enemy warrior, with a coup stick, then running away unharmed. 
 My brave Bug warrior.
 We had lots of snow it was a lot of fun.
Then lots of work. This was just the beginning of the snow fall.
 Lewis and Clark exploring the west animals.
 Still clowning around.
 RightStart Math, Little Man is learning the Geo boards.
 We made bear claw necklaces. I picked this kit up at Hobby Lobby.
 Bug wanted the arrow head that had pink in it. It matched her shirt.
 As you can imagine he eventually put on all the Indian gear we made through out the year. It kept him entertained for awhile.
We assembled most of the pieces for our diorama. We glued the pieces into the box. We just have a few final touches to complete it. I will show you the end results in another post.

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