Thursday, May 23, 2013

Graduation Time

It's Graduation Time for my kids to the next grade. Daddy gets the honor of presenting the kids their diploma.
 Mom must have had some issues taking pictures because most of them came out blurry! Oops!
 Bug is now officially a fifth grader. I can't believe it!
Little Man is now in second grade.
Both of the kids get to move up this week in the Shabbat School at our congregation this week also. They grow like weeds.

I have been asked in the past where I get the diplomas for the kids. I use a free site called Certificate Street. They do have a paid area but they have a large selection of diplomas for just about anything. I usually print them out on card stock. 

This year I forgot to get ribbons for the kids, another oops. I usually pick them up at Dollar Tree. Both of my kids reminded me. Traditions are a hard thing to break. I told them I would pick them up and even let them choose one themselves next time we go to the Dollar Tree. Have a blessed week!

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