Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Entomology and County Fair

 Bugs completed entomology box. She has 14 orders and 125 insects. Which it the max for her level. We had to take out some 75 insects as she was way over the max. She even has more than the requirements for next year. I guess we are ready for next season!
 She is entered and ready to go. Looks like lots of competition for her level.
 Then the judging. The judge looks over the insects to make sure they are identified correctly and put in the right order. Pinned in the correct spot. The overall presentation of the box. Are the insects in a straight line and what he likes about the box.

He liked her variety of insects. She has a lot of male and females in the same species.
 Then he asks her questions about what she likes, what was hard, and her favorite insect? Mom was grinning because he is ready to get an ear full!
She got a purple ribbon which in 4-H is kinda like first place. She qualify  to go to the state fair competition. Which is a whole new ball game.

Great job Bug! I'm real proud of you and all your hard work on you entomology box this year.

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