Monday, September 30, 2013

Cap IT! Learn to Read Hebrew and Teaching A Child With Learning Disabilities

Teaching a child anything with a learning disabilities is a challenge. Just because it is a challenge doesn't mean it is impossible.  Don't let your child's learning disability dictate you teaching Hebrew- if that is your desire for your child. I have had many well meaning  comments on why I should not teach Hebrew to my daughter who struggles reading English.

For my family it is important that she can read God's word in Hebrew. I want her to have a Bat Mitzvah when she turns 12. I want her to see God's word as it was intended-not man's translation. Maybe-one day she can travel to Eretz Israel (land of Israel) and speak the language. For me going to Israel this last spring was life changing and knowing a bit of Hebrew made it come alive even more. I want that for her someday.

That is were Cap IT! Get Ready to Read Hebrew comes in. We all learn differently. Something that works for one person may not be the same style for the next person. I like to be creative when teaching my daughter. Being my daughter's teacher I know what works with teaching her and how to reach her to make teaching fit her learning style.

I don't like being boxed into to a curriculum. I also don't want to reinvent the curriculum either. Sometimes just a few tweaks to a curriculum makes learning easier for a child with learning disabilities. What did I do with Cap IT!?
 I laminated the stickers. I wanted to be able to reuse them as a reward. Keeping them intake without laminating them would not of happened in my house!
 I then cut them down to size. Punched holes in them and attached them with a metal ring to keep them together. My children love rewards. Mine are reusable over and over!!!!!
 During review time she put the sounds that she knows by heart in a plastic pencil box.
 She then counted them.
 She got M&M's for each sound she knew. Obviously you don't have to do candy. I first though of fake money, tokens, or a chart. When she got so many correct she could go into our treasure box. Instead I choose to do M&M's as they really motivate this child.
Handwriting is very difficult for Bug with her rheumatoid arthritis and other medical issues. I have to mix up handwriting with other activities. She is very multi-sensory learner. We wrote the letters in sand. You could use rice, salt, and other mediums for writing.
 M&M's, smarties, pretzels, Cheerios, and the list could go on for other treats you could us for making letters.
How fun for a child! Much to Bug's dismay we used the same M&M's for a few sounds!
Blocks, Legos, pipe cleaner, wikki sticks, and play dough are just a few ideas for making the Hebrew letters.
 I also made up a game. I would say the sound or sing the tune. She then would build the letter for me.
She did an amazing job with this activity.
 Honestly, I think Bug would have done just as good if I done Cap IT! as is. I wanted to add my own creativity to Cap IT!. I know my child and what works best with her abilities. Cap IT! is already a very multi-tactile  program. There is a lot of components to Cap IT! that lends itself to much creativity, which is especially important for special needs kids. It makes teaching Hebrew easy. Whether you are teaching it or learning Hebrew yourself Cap IT! is an amazing program.

I received Cap IT! for free from the publisher for the purpose to review this program, which requires an honest, though not necessarily positive, review. The opinions I have expressed are my own

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