Monday, September 16, 2013

FIrst Field Trip of School Year

Friday we had our first field trip of the school year. Every year I try to make it to the apple orchard. Usually we get a few friends together and head out to the orchard. This year our homeschool support group had a planned trip. Such fun!
 I love being surrounded by all the apple trees. It's so peaceful and quiet.
 The kids have such fun just picking apples from the trees. Such excitement.
 We seen a deer laying in between the trees. It was neat. I didn't want to scare her away so we went to another row in the orchard. It was getting nervous so I just took a picture of my son admiring it.
 We picked Joanathon, Joana-Gold, and Gala apples. So sweet and yummy eating an apple right of the tree.
 Two happy kids.
 One mishap was the prickles everywhere. The worst I have ever seen in this orchard. Bug and I found them all. We needed help to get them off use.
I guess shorts and sandals were not a good choice of clothing this apple picking season-ouch!! 

We came home with around thirty six pounds of apples to can, dehydrate and to eat fresh. Then afterward we asked the owner if we could go bug hunting in the orchard. We came home with a good selection of insects for Bug's box.

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