Thursday, September 12, 2013

Week in Review -Week #4-2013-2014

This was an extremely busy week for us. We had appointments-lots of them on top of our regular therapy. We also had a friend who came in town from Georgia, so of course we had to get together and visit. Then I had a friend who has a child with special needs who had a funeral to attend to. Finding someone to babysit your special needs kid is difficult if not impossible. So, I watched her kids so she could attend the funeral.

That is the beauty of homeschooling. Life happens and sometimes the planned school work doesn't happen.
 Bug started Horse Therapy this week. She was excited to get back on Honey Bee this week.

So what did I do for school this week. Little Man did his regular school work at the hospital while Bug was in therapy.

The rest of the week we did what I call iPad school while waiting in the Dr. offices. I have lots of apps that we can do math, reading, phonics, and other subjects. Then Reading Eggs you can now do on the iPad. I didn't do our core curriculum which is Sonlight American History Part 2.

With Friday night being Erev Yom Kippur we did do bible around the High Holy day. We have been reading the book of Jonah and crafts.

 As usual he has the sound effects going. He makes me laugh and smile.
 My sweet Bug so serious and adorable.
                  This was a fun craft. Of course all the crafts I found on Pinterest.
How pretty when you hold it up to the light!

We also had our first field trip of the year to the apple orchard. This is an orchard that we go to every year. Usually we don't go with our homeschool support group and just invite a few friends. This year the group planned it. I will post more pictures later.

  Image 1
As for Hebrew I was able to do it while waiting in the many waiting rooms this week. That is the beauty of Cap iT!  Hebrew Reading Program it is an open and go program that doesn't need anything else other than the components in the box to make learning Hebrew a success for anyone who wants to learn. It also is a program that you can use your creative side if you so choose to. 

Both kids are doing great with Hebrew. Bug is having fun with Hebrew and enjoys the ease of it this year.
 This was last night while I was doing laundry I heard him making sounds in the classroom. He grabbed Bugs sandbox(or as he calls it- her kitty liter box) He was doing Hebrew by himself.
 I guess he felt deprived of the liter box as he does Cap iT!  Hebrew Reading Program without Mommy adding hands on stuff. He was singing the tune of the vowel also.
I love it when a curriculum inspires a child to want to learn. 

Little Man knows all of his sounds and I feel that he has them all remembered without him pausing to think about the sounds. I am glad that I did a review with him. I may schedule a review every few months with him. We do reviews in every subject so why not Hebrew.
Of course Bug heard all the action in the classroom and got involved. Hebrew happened before bed and was self guided without Mommy!

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