Friday, September 27, 2013

Week in Review -Week #6-2013-2014

We are in Sonlight American History Part 2 

Scripture Memory verse is: 

WE did a review of previously learned scriptures.

This week was a lot of unexpected events. Or maybe I could just say an emotional roller-coaster. We are taking a much needed break today. Bug is sleeping in this Friday morning and mom is cleaning. School is out today.

My husband's grandmother died and he and Little Man went to the funeral in Colorado. Daddy is making sure Little Man has fun and has a few surprised for him. He hasn't been to Colorado since he was an infant. He gets to meet lots of relatives from all over the country. I can't wait to hear about it and see the pictures he takes.
 Bug had an emergency procedure that the Dr. wanted ASAP. She had an Colonoscopy and and Esophagogastroduodenoscopy. This is her second one since last March. I have never even had those done. She is such a trooper.
 During the long wait she taught me how to play a game on the iPad. 

Bug has been losing a lot of weight. Since the last test it has been 14 pounds. That is not counting all the gains and loses in that time which make the weight lose even more. It alarmed her primary physician and the GI Dr. She had lots of blood test to rule out other issues. Some test we are waiting for the results to come back in.

It's not like she doesn't eat. Granted she is extremely picky.
They found something that looks like Celiac disease. They took a biopsy of the spot and we should know next week the results. 
The GI Dr. wants Bug to have an G-tube to be feed directly in her stomach. She is talking to Bug's primary Dr. about it. I am still numb to know how I feel at this point.

Searching Google is a bad thing to do when you are so emotional and tired. My emotions are running way to high now!


This week we read some books about Simchat Torah. One book that I read with the Holidays is "Jewish Days and Holidays." by Greer Fay Cashman. 

We are still in the book of 1 Kings in the Word.

Read-Out- Louds

We finished reading, "Moccasin Trails" by Eloise Jarvis Mcgraw. 

We started reading "You wouldn't want to Be A Nurse During the American Civil War!” by Kathryn Senior.

We also started reading, "Lincoln A Photobiograpy" by Russell Freedman.

For Poetry we are reading,"The Oxford Illustrated Book of American Children's Poems" by Donald Hall.

Physical and Health Education

Little Man played flag football this week during PE. No Karate this week.

Bug had fun collecting acorn for the squirrels and piling them next to the trees for them.

 Therapy and Appointments

Bug had all her therapies this week and we were able to do Horse Therapy a few days earlier. Obviously we had lots of Dr. appointments. 

 History and Geography

We are learning about many of the amazing women during the war. Like Clara Barton, Sally Tompkins, and Harriet Tubman.

The  kids are learning more details about the life of Abraham Lincoln. I had some planned crafts on Lincoln but they didn't happen.

Language Arts and Math

We got some math and language arts done this week! 


Science was a trip to the zoo this week. It was a good diversion for Bug while she couldn't eat the day before her procedure. Also it was a time to say goodbye to or friends who live in Georgia. They go back this weekend.

Hebrew, Art, and Misc. Studies

Hebrew this week was just reviewing all the sounds this week which happened in waiting rooms.
Here is another video on Cap IT! Learn how it works and the approach that Cap IT! uses to teach Hebrew.

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