Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Crickets for Dinner?

Does it seem kinda morbid when you have to buy insects to feed another insect to you?
It has been chilly the last two nights and we haven't been able to catch any moths or other tasty morsels for Bug's pet praying mantis. After two days I figured it was time to go pick up some crickets for her.
 She was sure happy when she got dinner though. It just seems wrong to buy insects to feed another one. Maybe it would be different if it was a reptile. Not that I want any reptiles in my house. An insect is my limit as long as it has 6 legs and no one tries to pass off the 8-legged creatures as an insect in my home. Or any hissing cockroaches are on my no list also.

I think if she could talk she would be thankful for me buying the crickets despite  my weird thinking as she was pretty hungry and caught dinner quickly. 

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