Saturday, November 16, 2013

Week in Review -Week #13-2013-2014

We are in Sonlight American History Part 2

Scripture memory verse is:

Proverbs 3:5-6


We are finishing up the book of II Samuel

Read- out- Louds

 We finished reading, The Paint Brush Kid" by Clyde Robert Bulla. 

At the kids request we are reading, "Young Indiana Jones and the Plantation Treasure" by William McCay.

For Poetry we are reading, "The Oxford Illustrated Book of American Children's Poems" by Donald Hall.

                                                  Physical and Health Education

Little Man had PE and they played a lot of games that require team work. He also had karate class this week.

The kids went roller skating this week. Once a month our local skating rink has a Christian skate night at a discounted price. We don't have to deal with secular music which is nice and a lot of homeschoolers. Their is usually a small crowd which we like it that way. My kids are still mastering the art of skating. It's also just a few blocks away from our house which makes it so easy to go to montly.
 Bug always stays on the wall. She usually averages a stroll around the rink three times in 
1 1/2 hours. This time she did five times. How do I know that?-She counts.
 Little Man is practicing getting faster. He is the one in the jersey shirt with orange sleeves.
                              He even tried to do the limbo this time. Nice try Little Man.

Therapy and Appointments
Bug had no speech therapy this week. She did have occupational, and physical therapy this week. We have had a lot of appointments yet again this week.

Horse therapy went on this week also. She is riding independently with just spotters on the side of her. On a sad note I was told that her horse Dixie is going to be sold so they can buy another horse that is better suited as a therapy horse. Dixie does have a few quirks that the therapist can't do certain exercises with the riders due to Dixie. I haven't told Bug yet!

History and Geography

We are learning about the reconstruction of the South after the civil war. The issues that were facing America during this time. An ugly time in our history as a country.

  Language Arts and Math

Little Man is still hanging on with cursive and has decided that he likes it even though it is a little tough. He especially likes it when he does cursive on the iPad. 

He is reading a book called, "Viking Adventures". A larger chapter book than I would of chosen for him. He really wanted to read about the Vikings.  

Bug is doing cursive the same way her brother is. She wanted to learn it different than Handwriting Without Tears. We have shed some tears but she is still doing it even though I told her she doesn't have to do it the same way as her brother.


For a mom who loves science I am not doing so hot in this area. Our days are so crazy with appointments lately. I would love for them to slow down. The 3 R's come first and the rest just gets pushed aside for the time being.

Hebrew, Art, and Misc. Studies
Image 1 
Bug started off really good with her new Cap IT! Level 2 reading program this week. She successfully finished 3 lessons this week. She was feeling pretty good this week with herself and her reading ability with Hebrew. She loves the interaction with the toys in the program. I let her play with the toys for awhile after each lesson as a bonus. As for the power cards on the lessons she it a bit slow but, it will come. 

Little Man surprised me during review this week with Cap IT! Level 2. I thought the previous week we rushed through the lessons kinda fast and I wasn't sure if he got it down to my liking. This week I planned on just review. Well, he informed me after 2 days of review that, "he knew his stuff and asked if we could just get review over in one day so I can see he knows it." Low and behold he did just that with flying colors. We went on and did 4 lessons the rest of the week. 

He read from the Torah Scroll this week at the synagogue easily. I don't know how he figures it out reading the Torah Scroll without the vowels. My mind struggles adding the vowels while reading the scroll. 
 Little Man is also learning how to blow the shofar. Every week he now joins our shofar blower before the Shabbat begins. He still needs work on the different sounds and holding the sound longer. 
We also had a field trip to a cotton factory. I will share more in another post.
Perfect timing as we learned about Eli Whitney and cotton earlier this year.
Little Man has bad allergies so he wore a mask in the factory.
 All the kids got to climb a mountain of fuzzy cotton seeds. It was like playing in the snow. I wanted to jump in it and climb. Well I would of been the only adult. Talk about peer pressure!


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