Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Spy Activities for the Kids

The kids are learning about both of the World Wars the last few weeks. We have been reading a book, "You Wouldn't Want to Be a Secret Agent During World War II" by John Malam. Of course, I had to do some kind of activity with spying. How could I resist.

After searching Pinterest and the web I came up with this adventure for the kids. I did the preparation over the summer to for this big week! One activity I did was to make a book safe for the kids. I gathered and made lots of gadgets for this event.
Little Man was the first to notice this on the white board this week and he has literally been climbing the walls each morning wanting to get into action. Talk about motivation getting all the school stuff done.
We had target practice during camp to make sure they can take down the bad guys. 

Then they had to learn all the tricks of being a spy. I used to sharpen the kids knowledge and terminology. We practiced how to do a, "dead drop" and how not to get, "burned" and pretty much everything in the spy dictionary. Here is the link to the spy dictionary.
Since Bug is the, "Bug expert" her expertise was debugging the scene so Little Man could move in and do his stuff. (She was pretty excited to collect all the bugs at each scene)!
 Next, the kids learned how to read and collect finger prints. 
 Bug remembered that my Kindle had finger prints all over it. I guess I need to clean it more often! 

I will post the mission that the kids had to go on in another post.

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