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Schoolhouse Crew Review Curiosity Quest

As a homeschooling mom I love for my kids to be curious about the world and ask why. For my family the why question is a common theme in my home. When the Schoolhouse Crew review for Curiosity Quest came up I knew that it would be a perfect fit in my home. I am reviewing DVD Combo Pack-Produce which includes Mushrooms, Cranberries, and Orange Packing and the DVD Combo Pack-Swimmers ofthe Sea which includes Sea Turtle Rescues, Penguins, and Salmon. 
The DVD ComboPack-Produce is priced at $24.95 and the DVD Combo Pack-Swimmers of the Sea isalso $24.95. These videos are geared for ages 7-14. In my opinion I think the younger kids will be just as delighted with the show. 

Each DVD Combo Pack has three episodes on one disk and is around 30 minutes long for each episode.

At the beginning of each episode the host, Joel Green reads a letter from a child wanting to know something. Then a very energetic host, Joel Green goes on location to teach about what the child is curious about.  Joel Green is funny and does a wonderful job explaining each topic. Throughout the show you get “Fun Facts” thrown in.  You really learn a lot in 30 minutes. My kids and I loved Curiosity Quest. We were glued to each episode.

My family is hooked and we look forward to learning more from Curiosity Quest.

What did we do with Curiosity Quest in our homeschool? 

I had a hard time getting my kids not to watch all the episodes at once. It was pure torture on their end waiting for the next one.

Before we watched an episode I asked my kids their thoughts on the subject they were going to learn about. Sometimes they had the general idea or it was way off. 

We watched 2 episodes a week. If the kids had more questions we went looking for the answer afterwards. After the Orange Packing episode we dissected some oranges.
Mushrooms- who would of known mushrooms could be so interesting. My kids and I thought mushrooms were grown in a field. We also thought the portabella mushroom was a different mushroom from the small ones you see in the store. We all learned something new. This was a very funny episode and it had many chuckles from the whole family.

Cranberries- We are seriously influenced by the commercials. We assumed cranberries grow in the water. Who would have known that the fields are flooded during harvest time?

Orange Packing-This was the one episode that the kids knew the most about. We still learned new things. Bug was intrigued that beekeepers pay orange growers to let the bees get pollen in the orange groves to make yummy orange blossom honey. Usually it’s the other way around and the farmers pay the beekeepers.

Salmon- Alaska has 5 species of salmon. The kids even learned some new vocabulary. The first one is imprinting. Also they learned spawning isn’t a term used just in a popular game.

Sea Turtles- We learned that there are 7 species of sea turtles. Some sea turtles are herbivores and some carnivores.

Penguins- My daughter was excited to know that not all penguins live in the snow, they take their vitamins, and that they eat whale food as in “krill”.

My final thoughts

We absolutely loved Curiosity Quest. We all learned so much with each episode. The conversations that came out after we watched each episode was engaging and fun. Some of them made us dig in deeper to the subject. This would make a great add on if you are having a unit study
Homeschool Curiosity Quest
My kids also wanted to put in their own quest. My daughter after the first show had me put in her request. Beehives she wanted Curiosity Quest to explore the dynamics of a beehive. While my son waited a few weeks and did he ever surprise me! He thought that they should also do an episode on beehives. He really thought it out and had some specific request. Little Man is really nervous about us having a hive in our back yard and doesn’t want anything to do with it. Throughout all of our learning about bees he wants to see it up close from the TV screen as he thinks bees are fascinating. 

So what are you curious about? Go check out Curiosity Quest they may just have something your curious about.

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