Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Schoolhouse Crew Review Supercharged Science e-Science Premium Membership

I have had an opportunity to do a review with the Schoolhouse Crew Review for Supercharged Science and their e-SciencePremium Membership. My kids love science. They love hands on experiments and love to know how it works. I  have two happy scientist!
Supercharged Science is a complete hands-on homeschool science curriculum. Lessons are for all grade levels K-12. The e-SciencePremium Membership runs $57.00 a month.  

Supercharged Science is an on-line homeschool curriculum that has videos, worksheets, and reading material. You can go by topic or grade level.

There are so many different areas to choose from within this site that at first I felt overwhelmed with so much science to choose from. I started with the “Getting Started” area. After I got familiar with the site I found that it’s really simple to navigate around the site.
The hardest part was picking a unit of study and whether to go by subject or topic. Once you decide on that you just need to gather the supplies for the experiments. Watch the videos and complete the activities. The topics and experiments varied in time.

How did I use Supercharged Science e-Science Premium Membership in my homeschool?

I choose to go by grade level. I did the second grade level with both kids and planned on doing it 3 times a week. It ended up being 5 times a week. My kids just couldn’t get enough of Supercharged Science! We usually watched 2 videos a day and we read the material together after each video. 

We didn’t do every experiment for each video. I had the kids pick out one or two experiments a week. After we read the material we would do the worksheet for the experiment.
homeschool science curriculum
We finished the second grade level quickly. Did I mention that we have did a whole lot of science around my house lately. I think we are turning into a laboratory! After we finished the second grade unit we then went by topic. We are now working on Unit 1: Force.
homeschool science curriculum

What experiment did we do?

Rubber Egg-Smelly but a fun experiment.

Microwaving Soap-We have done this experiment more times than I would like to admit!

Plasma Grape-This was a big hit.

Biological Nets-Like I need another insect net! We added one more to our collection.

Make an insect aspirator-For my budding Entomologist to get ready for the county fair.

Classifying Objects-The kids like this more than I thought they would.

How much Energy does the Sun Produce-Lots of fun

Detecting the Electric Field-This is a keeper to do over and over! My kids have been doing it over and over!

Flying Paper Clips-What kid doesn’t love magnets.
What did this homeschool mom like about Supercharged Science?

I like that it made my kids more curious about science and Supercharged Science inspired them to want to learn more about how something works. Emphasis is placed on the scientific method and keeping a journal just like a real scientist.

There is also shopping list for each unit, to make shopping for those supplies a lot easier. For most of the experiments the items can be found around the house or an item that you can add to your weekly grocery list.   

Wide range of topics of subject to capture any budding scientist attention with the ability to go as deep as you would like!

This is perfect for homeschool mom who feels overwhelmed with teaching science.

It’s flexible for every age and ability.

Price could be a factor for some, but you get a lot for your money. If you have a large family it would be more reasonable.  

My kids really enjoyed Supercharged Science and I think it will be used often over the next few months. My kids are already planning into the future with which experiment to do over the next few weeks!


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