Saturday, April 19, 2014

Week in Review -Week #33-#34-2013-2014

I am really behind in my Week in Review. With Passover and other events coming up I just haven't had a chance to even think about posting our events in school. I will give you a brief overview of what has been going on in our home lately.

We are trying to tie up all the lose ends for the school year. I can't believe how fast this year has went. We are still doing good with school and even staying on track. On paper we only have to do ten more days to meet the requirements in Kansas. Wow, its been such a busy year so being able to stay on track so close to the end of the school year is a big accomplishment for me. I am thinking we have around 3 weeks if everything goes as planned. 

I don't feel like we will be playing catch up during the summer. We will actually be able to do fun school stuff. I will be able to focus mostly on the Schoolhouse Crew Reviews and do our other studies without feeling overwhelmed. I see lots of bug hunts on the horizon. Exploring the nature parks, playgrounds, and getting to know the bees this year.

We are still waiting on the bees and working in the backyard to get things ready. If it would just stop freezing at night I would be able to accomplish so much more. I am ready for spring!

Bug is getting her entomology box ready for the county fair. Lots of pinning going on. Little Man is getting his rocket ready for launching.  After he launches it he can do the final coat.

We have an annual used homeschool book sale coming up next month. Usually I am a buyer. This year I am getting a table with a friend to try and thin out my over flowing homeschool stuff. Some will be actual curriculum but most will be books, lots of Preschool and Kindergarten stuff, puzzles, and a lot more things than I realized I had. I hope we have enough of table space. It will be so nice to get rid of stuff and have room for more stuff!

Have a blessed week. Maybe next week I can do an actual Week in Review. 

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