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Schoolhouse Crew Review for Essentials: Logic of English Complete Set
I love discovering new quality curriculum. You ever heard of Logic of English? Up until recently it was an unknown name to me. I was delighted to get chosen to do a review for Essentials: Logic of English Complete Set with the Schoolhouse Crew Review Team. You have a choice of the manuscript or cursive workbook. I choose the cursive set for the Essentials set.
Essentials set is for ages 7 to adults, and struggling readers and spellers. The cost for the Essentials:Logic of English Complete Set is $243.00. I know that seems steep but you are getting a lot of curriculum and subjects for the cost.
phonemic awareness, handwriting, homeschool, reading literacy

The Logic of English Essentials Teachers Manual
The Logic of English Essential Student Cursive or Manuscript Workbook
The Logic of English Phonogram & Spelling Game Book
The Logic of English Spelling Journal
The Logic of English Quick Reference Chart
The Logic of English Grammar Flash Cards
The Logic of English Basic Phonogram Flash Cards
The Logic of English Spelling Rules Flash Cards
The Logic of English Advanced Phonogram Flash Cards
The Logic of English Green Cursive Phonogram Game Cards
The Logic of English Blue Bookface Phonogram Game Cards

What does a lesson look like and what’s in the material with Essentials: Logic of English Complete Set?

The Teacher’s Manual is a nice hardback book with 40 lessons. The lessons are laid out in an easy detailed step by step instruction. Each lesson is broken down into three sections with each lesson having three components. You can break up one lesson over several days if needed.

Part 1:
Exploring Sounds
Spelling Rules

Part 2:
Spelling Dictation
Spelling Markings

Part 3:
Dictation & Composition

The Student Cursive Workbook also has 40 lessons and incorporates everything from phonograms to grammar. The writing is not overwhelming for children who dislike or struggle with writing.

phonemic awareness, handwriting, homeschool, reading literacy

Phonogram & Spelling Game Book has 77 games. Just about every lesson has games scheduled into it. Adding that multi-sensory element to the program they also have an extra section in each lesson to add more games if needing to reinforce a concept. The extras are optional.

Spelling Journal is for students to add there spelling vocabulary. It is organized by first sound, then by spelling.

Quick Reference Chart is a quick reference guide to phonogram and spelling rules.

Flash Cards are all printed on a heavy cardstock and coated for handling often. All of the flashcards are helpful for learning throughout the lessons.

How did I use Essentials: Logic of English Complete Set in my homeschool?

I used this program with my 11 year old daughter Bug who has multiply learning disabilities. We did Essentials four times a week. I didn’t complete a full lesson each day. Usually we completed 1 or 2 sections within the lesson each day. The next day I did a quick review of the last two sections and reinforced concepts that she needed more help with. Afterwards we finished the third section in the lesson. I scheduled 30 minutes a day as I wanted my daughter to stay focused.

With her Rheumatoid Arthritis we did lessons both oral and written. There is a lot of space provided in the workbooks with ample space provided. My daughter seems to always write larger than most workbooks. Depending on the activity I then determined whether she wrote in the workbook or a notebook.

I absolutely loved it. I keep asking myself how I missed this during my search of a language arts program. It has everything I love combined in one language arts program. The proof in the pudding is that my daughter loved it and didn’t whine when I brought out the books.

It’s what I call an, “open and go curriculum”. Gather the supplies the night before (5 minutes or less) and then teach the lesson. No planning on my part. It tells me everything to do step by step.

It’s also flexible enough for me to adjust it to my kids learning style. I adjusted the lessons to accommodate her situation with the program by adjusting time, writing, and doing lesson orally if needed. It didn’t take away from the program and I was able to adjust it on the spot without planning it out.

All the phonograms are taught with all their sounds together. This is great for those kids who struggle with decoding words.

It is truly a phonemic awareness program that is fun.

Games & activities are scheduled in the lessons that have activities for grammar, phonics, and spelling.

Spelling, grammar, and writing are part of the program

This is a complete comprehensive language arts program all wrapped up in one nice user friendly program.

You may be wondering if Essentials: Logic of English Complete Set worth the money?

My first concern is that it’s a lot of money out of my homeschool budget. I would have to say YES, it’s worth the money! This program covers several aspects of language arts. It’s not like you are just buying a spelling program. Essentials: Logic of English Complete Set may be on the higher end when you add up other programs and buying the subjects separate. It's a well thought out curriculum that I think is worth the money. There are other options to lower the price but, in my opinion it’s worth buying the complete set.

My only downside is that I would love to see readers added in the set to help reinforce the skills that they are learning with each lesson.

Head over to Logic of English and check out some of the other products that they offer. 

I am going to order the workbooks for my son next year and I think I will continue with my daughter next year and may even start over from lesson 1 with her. I am very pleased with Essentials: Logic of English Complete Set. 

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  1. I am happy that this worked for your daughter! I think that the lessons are so easy to break down into smaller sized portions. We did the same. I noted the same thing--needs readers to go with it! I am planning on using this in the future with my youngest too. I agree it's well worth the price.


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