02 June 2011

What is an Archaeologist Lapbook Printables

This is a post that I did back in 2009. I have put the Lapbook on my 4share for others to use. This is the first time I have put one of my lapbooks up. Let me know if I can do something easier than what I am doing. Feedback would be much appreciated. If you have any questions please, don't hesitate to ask. The links will be at the end of the post. I do not have a cover page, Bug made her own picture. You may notice that some of the clipart is different. I wasn't sure of some of my sources and I didn't want to violate any copyright laws. Since then I have purchased a clipart program. I hope you enjoy. This has been one of my kids favorite lapbooks that we have done. This book we used with Sonlight, Intro to World History Core B or if you prefer the old name, Core 2. This will also be available on my Free Printable page.
What is an Archaelogist Lapbook
We are loving the books this year with the Sonlight Introduction to World History. As soon as I seen the book Archaeologists dig for clues I knew I had to do a lapbook.
We did an excavation dig on paper. I made squares and in each square I had pictures of varies artifacts. Bug had to keep a record of each item on her clip board. First she had to label the square, count the items and then write a description of the artifacts on her clipboard. We did a lot of the things that they did in the book.

We talked about what is an archaeologist and what they do. For some crazy reason Bug thought this was the best part, what kind of things someone would find in our trash". Bug thought that part was neat and she had some interesting observation about our family. We counted items in our backpack and made sure we had all our supplies needed to go out in the field.
What is an Archaelogist Lapbook Some of the things that the book didn't talk about that I included:

What the bible says about the age of the earth.
What is the differences between an paleontologist and an Egyptologists.
Then we found out which president was an amateur archaeologist. Do you know? Hint-it was our third president.
What is an Archaelogist Lapbook
We measured artifacts and added some famous archaeologist. I added some that had biblical discoveries. I had to include the discovery of Kings Tut's tomb. To me that is an amazing find!
We had fun with this book. In a few weeks we are going to dig in the dirt and unearth our own artifacts.

If your interested in the lapbook email me and I can get them to you. Sorry but, my method of downloading the file is not longer active.

  Have a blessed day.


  1. Renee, I love your blog! I'm so glad you let me visit! There are some things I would love to talk to you about when you have time. It's fun getting to know you through your blog. I have 2 that I fail to update regularly or I would give you the web address...

    Julie Breshears

  2. your link to the Archeologist lapbook for pdf #1 isn't working. I'd love to download it. Please LMK if you can update/correct the link.

  3. Links not working for archeologist lapbook. Would love to download 😁

    1. If you email me directly from the blog email link I'll send you the files. The site has been giving me troubles-sorry about that.

  4. Hi Renee. I've got the book Archaeologists dig for clues and came across your lapbook post, but can't seem to get the links to work. I've also tried clicking on the email link above and it doesn't seem to do anything.....not sure just what I'm doing wrong....lol. I'd love to do the lapbook with my kiddos. Could you give me any tips as to what I may be doing wrong? Thank you
    Jessica- homeschool mom of 3

  5. Hi Renee. We've got the book Archaeologists dig for clues and I'd love to do the lapbook with my 3 kiddos, but can't seem to get the links to download. Could you give me any tips on what I may be doing wrong? Thank you.

  6. Sorry about that but the 4share as not been working for me anymore. Try the email link above again. If not working we will see how else we can get in touch that I can email you the files. Leave me another comment and let me know.

  7. Go over to my Google+ page and see if you can contact me from there.


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