Sunday, June 1, 2014

Adding a Second Brood Chamber to the Beehive

We added a second brood box to our 1st beehive this week. It's been around  3 weeks since we got this hive so it looks like the girls are doing well and forging what they need to keep up all the hard work.
Overall the bees were pretty calm. I didn't use much smoke on them either. I did manage to get stung. She got me in my toe. My shoes are a pretty light weight mesh material. Actually it was more of a poke but, it still hurt.
Little Man had a friend over who wanted to go into the hive. I suited him up in Bug's suit and he was pretty excited. He recorded the whole thing on his iPhone. Bug was excited that he was so interested in going into her beehives.
I found two capped queen cells and a  bunch of drone cells all on the bottom of the frames. I removed both the queen cells and some of the drone cells so they don't get any ideals about swarming. 
You can see all the capped brood, larva, and honey all around the brood. The girls are doing a great job. The white on the edge of the frame is the honey.
We found the queen on this frame. "A lot of bees", is what my helper kept saying. I think he was pretty amazed with the whole thing. Some of the other frames the bees were rolling off the frames which got a few oohs and ahhs.
This particular hive doesn't seem to mind the plastic frames. It came with 3 plastic frames in the nuc. I'm not sure what I think of the plastic frames at this point.
The girls are all set and ready to go. I'll peek in a few days to make sure they are moving up to the second box. We will give them a bit more sugar syrup for a week more. This hive seems to like the sugar syrup. The second hive isn't a big fan of the sugar syrup.

Another day and another sting in our little bee yard. I was surprised Bug wasn't out with us today. She is having a hard time with the heat. I think her arthritis is flaring up on her and the heat is effecting her. Bug just doesn't know how to express herself when she hurts. It must be pretty bad if my bug loving obsessed girl isn't around for the big show.

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