Thursday, June 19, 2014

Bolt Has Her First Honey Super

Yesterday we added a honey super to Bolt. Bug was as pretty excited that we can now add the honey super to her beehive. This is actually the second hive . 

It looks like Anastasia will be at least another week before we add a honey super.
We didn't go into the hive this time as we just lifted a few frames to see if she was ready for the honey super. It was a bit windy at times so I didn't want to  lift up to many frames. I knew she was about ready to need to add a honey super.

Bolt was surprising calm and I used very little smoke. I was even able to work in the garden afterwards without them chasing me away. Maybe the afternoon is the best time to inspect Bolt rather than late afternoon.

 I think next week when I add the honey super to Anastasia I may peek into Bolt to make sure everything is okay. It was odd that they were so calm. They are drawing out the comb quickly. This hive we got 3 weeks after the first hive so she is moving much faster.

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