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Learning Wrap up Schoolhouse Crew Review

My family loves hands on learning in our homeschool. For the last few weeks we have been reviewing Learning Wrap ups. We received a very generous amount of products from Learning Wrap ups. This is going to be a fun filled summer with lots of hands on learning for reviewing math and reading. Forget those dreaded flashcards this summer! 

We received the following items from Learning Wrap ups. $60.00 (full online Family subscription for all levels of reading/math for a full year, up to 5 users)

Learning Wrap up items are for grades K-5. The reading goes up to 3rd grade.
I am going to explain how to use the Learning Palette Base before I explain the individual kits. First, you place your card into the Palette Base. The base has two holes one in the center of the base and another one close to where the disc are placed. Each of the cards also has the same two holes which you place the card into the holes on the base. You remove all of the discs from the base plate. The questions on the cards are colored coded to match a colored disc. After you have done the activity on the card and all of your discs are in place you flip the card over to see if the colors matches. It’s that simple.

The Learning Palette Base is made of a durable plastic. The base measures 12”x12” and has 12 spots for the disc. The discs are a thick plastic and easy to grasp. Having a daughter with arthritis this is always a factor that I notice. The nice thing is that each Palette Base has a clear lid that goes on top with a screw on top that holds the lid in place. The disc can stayed stored inside the Learning Palette Base.

My children who are working on the Learning Wrap ups are my son who just completed  2nd grade this year and is advanced in some areas. My daughter who is 5th grade has an array of learning challenges from her special needs. She is all over grade wise with her skill level.

The kit contains six curriculum packets with twelve re-usable heavy duty cards in each unit. What’s inside the 3rd Grade Math Learning Palette 1 Base Center Kit?

Addition and Subtraction with 3 & 4 Digit Numbers
Fractions-Money & Decimals
Multiplication & Division
Algebra Concepts
Geometry & Measurements and Probability & Statistics
One Learning Palette Base Plate and a nice clear vinyl bag with a carrying handle to keep all the goodies.  
I used this kit with both of my kids a few times a week and depending on our scheduled depended on how many cards we used a day. The Learning Palettes are great taking with us to all of our appointments. I would take a palette and a pack of cards. With the lid locking onto the base plate and the cards tucked away in their case it was easy to just throw into our backpack. Little Man worked on his skill level and Bug was able to do all the cards in the kit except for the division cards.

I really like the 3rd Grade Math Learning Palette 1 Base Center Kit. It’s a fun alternative to flashcards. The cards cover a wide variety of areas.  I did see some math skills sharpened in both kids. Both of my kids liked this very much. They thought of the Learning Palette as a game! I like that thought.

The kit contains five curriculum packets with twelve re-usable heavy duty cards in each unit. What’s inside the 3rd Grade Reading 1 Base Center Kit?

Prefixes & Suffixes
Reading Comprehension
Synonyms-Anonyms & Homophones
One Learning Palette Base Plate and a nice clear vinyl bag with a carrying handle to keep all the goodies.
I love how the Learning Palette kits store easily.

I used this with both of my kids a few times a week at home and on the road. The reading kit surprising had some concepts that our curriculum didn’t touch on or just did a quick overview on. I was delighted to have areas covered that we haven’t learned and to go over other areas.

My son liked this kit more than the math kit. Bug was equally happy with both kits.

The 10 Days to Multiplication Master Wrap up and Book Combo is a consumable workbook that has variety of activities and exercise to help master those multiplication facts. Each page has an area to time your speed with those facts. The workbook works along side with the multiplication wrap up. 

I was planning on using with my daughter but, I found it was a little difficult for my daughter who has lots of special needs and arthritis.The space provided was too small for her writing. Bug struggles with remembering her math facts. She understands most concepts its just remembering those pesky facts. I don’t dare do a timed math with her as it would result in a meltdown. We tried to do it orally but, the reality is that it wasn’t going to work for her and I put it aside with her. My son on the other hand would love a timed challenge. Multiplication is scheduled for him to learn next year in 3rd grade.

I will be using this with Little Man next year and I really feel that he will like. It really fits his personality. 

The 10 Steps to Addition Mastery Wrap up Book Combo has been a great addition review for my son. He loved challenging himself to increase his speed. This is also a consumable workbook with addition mastery exercises. My son loved trying to beat his previous goal in time.
About Learning Wrap ups and how do you use them?

All the Learning Wrap ups contain ten boards on each set. They are made of a sturdy plastic board with v shaped notches with a string attached to each set. Basically you start on the left side and match your answer on the right side using the string to answer your question. It’s kind of hard to explain. After you have completed each board you check your answers by turning the board over to see if the string matches the pattern on the back of the board.

This kit covers addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

I used this kit with both of the kids a few times a week. We used it at home and at appointments.

Little Man liked me to time him to see how fast he could do it. I had to watch him as he wanted to peek at the back to get the answer. Or he would use his fingers to follow the string line to get the answers without figuring out the problem himself. Yep, he was trying to cheat. After I noticed that we corrected the problem and he still liked to get timed. He thought these were pretty amazing.

Bug on the other hand had a very difficult time with the Learning Wrap ups. I didn’t expect this being difficult for her. She struggles with fine motor skills and holding her hands to string it was painful for her with her arthritis. I even tried to hold the board for her to let her just focus on the string only. It just didn’t work. Finally I had her point to the answers and some days she tried to string it. It was very time consuming when she did try but, it didn’t happen often.

I loved the Learning Wrap up. What a great way to master math facts. Little Man will be using this lot. I can take these with us wherever we go. Bug on the other hand I will just let her do it when she feels like it in the future. I think the Learning Palette Base Plate is better fit for her. 

This kit contains Antonyms, Synonyms, Homonyms, and Compound Words.

I used this kit mostly with Little Man a few times a week at home and on the road. Bug loves grammar and it’s the only subject she is at grade level on. The Learning Wrap up Vocabulary Kit just happens to cover the area she struggles in. She just doesn’t get this concepts in grammar when they are abstract thinking. We did go over it and I had her point to the answers she thought or she tried to string it a few times. I think she just shuts down in this area so I introduced the concepts lightly to her.

Little Man really enjoyed the vocabulary set and I liked reinforcing vocabulary skills to him. It really helped clarify the concepts for him. It will be interesting to see how he does this coming year with these concepts. I will continue having him work on this set of wrap ups. I will pull these out next year when we revisit them again.

I loved this set and I liked that it covered abstract concepts. What an amazing product the Learning Wrap ups are. 

This is an online version of the Learning Palette Base center so it works just like the physical palettes.

What’s nice is that it allows you to do all grade levels from K-5. Both reading and math are included on the

After you are online you can decide what subject and what grade you want to work with. After that you choose a card and click the load bottom. It was a very basic online site to work with. Nothing fancy or games and it wasn't complicated to navigate around the site. You can go to the menu to get progress reports on each student and print the reports out.

I used this with both of my children a few times a week. We used both on our home computer and on our iPad. They worked all the levels as I let them choose the level they wanted to us. Some levels and areas the kids found out where a bit too advanced for them and they adjusted it to fit them. They even had fun and did some of the levels that are way below what they already know.

I have mixed feeling about whether I liked the physical or online version of the Learning Palettes better. There are pros and cons overall of both items.

I like the cost for the as you get all levels of both reading and math. The con would be the size of print for a child who has vision issues. Bug had a hard time reading the cards. She did better with the iPad on this for her as she could adjust the size. All that adjusting did frustrate her at times. Little Man didn’t have any issues at all with the

It was nice being able to access all levels online but it was a bit too much having the physical and online version. I think the kids would of enjoyed it a lot more if they weren’t doing both. I asked the kids which version they liked the best and they said, “Both but it was too much of the same thing”. I would not recommend having both the physical and online products as I think it’s too much. Overall, I think I like having the physical products better. I also have to be practical with my homeschooling budget.  I think I could add on now that I have the kit without breaking my homeschool budget. 

Talking about a homeschool budget Learning Wrap up is offering a 20% off. Use the coupon code HOMESCHOOL in the coupon section.

My family really enjoyed all of these products and I look forward to tossing out all my flashcards!

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