Monday, June 23, 2014

Roman Aqueducts in Israel

In Caesarea we visited the Roman Aqueducts. I love the architect of the aqueducts. It just amazes me that they could build such magniciant structures without modern technology. I remember reading and seeing pictures as a child about the Roman Aqueducts. I was excited to see them with my own eyes.

The first aqueduct was built by Herod (37BC to 4BC), at that time it was a new city. Eventually they added another tunnel which you can't see the difference as they used the same material.

It brought the water from the southern side of Mount Carmel, at Shummi. 

The aqueduct continued to supply water for 1200 years.
 There is gorgeous inviting beach. I wanted to jump into the Mediterranean Sea again.
 It amazes me how much of it is still standing.
 Enjoy, I am ready to head back to Israel. Maybe one day. Hopefully sooner than later!

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