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TOS Crew Review of Mathletics
Math does not bring on a lot of excitement in my home. Having one child who is really good at math and another one who struggles with it makes math interesting. One child would rather  not do math and the other child thinks it's way to easy to want to spend much time with it.

When an opportunity came up for me to do a review of 3P Learning and their  Mathletics program I was excited to introduce this online math curriculum to my kids. I received a full year subscription for both of my kids. Mathletics is a supplement online math practice for grades K-12. The cost is $59.00 per child.

Mathletics has lots of options online to grab any child’s attention with all the variation to choose from. If you are looking for an online math practice program that math and fun can be said in the same sentence then you may like all the variety I am going to tell you about.

Activities section:

This particular area covers every topic in math from K-12 that you would need to reinforce math concepts. There are hundreds of options to choose from. You can also choose to use a brief tutorial of the problem if needed. Each section has 10 questions that your child can go at their own pace as it isn’t timed. In this area you can earn rewards to use on the site.

Problem Solving:

This is the area where those rewards get to be used. Every time you earn a gold bar you get one of the ten games unlocked. All the games are math based games.

Live Mathletics:

Is a timed math challenge where you get to challenge other kids around the globe for 1 minute at the same level academically that you choose. The person with the most correct answers and fastest one to finish is the winner.

Rainforest Math:

Is a very bright and colorful interactive site that is for grades K-6. You choose the grade level. Depending on which level you choose you will then have several math concepts to pick from. Very easy to navigate and to work with. 

Concept Search:

Is a dictionary and encyclopedia area you have two options to choose from.

“Animated Math Dictionary” is arranged alphabetically and will give you the definition of math concepts.

“Concept Search” which shows you a visual interactive dictionary with pictures of everything from what is a balance, bar graph, column, trunctetrahedron, and so much more.

Times Tables Toons:

Is songs that sing the times table from 2x-12x with some very up-beat and silly songs.

Parent Area:

This is where you can manage your child’s account and adjust the level if needed. You also have the ability to assign specific task for each child.
You can set up weekly emails to receive a progress report of each child and also print out award certificates.

“Parent Toolkit” has some short videos and animated help areas on math concepts.
My favorite area was the “Instant Workbook” There is a large assortment of workbooks to print in every grade. I was really impressed with the amount and quality of the workbooks.

How did I use Mathletics in our homeschool?

This was a lot of fun for both of my kids and they did Mathletics three times a week. My kids did both the online and printable workbooks. We also downloaded the Mathletics app and used it on our iPad. 

My 8 year old son I put him in the 2 grade level. He is the one that is pretty good at math and enjoys it to a certain degree. I am always afraid that I don’t challenge him enough in math. Math is honestly not my favorite subject. Mathletics has a wide variety of options for him to work in areas that our math curriculum doesn’t cover.

He was able to customize his own avatar, which he thought was pretty cool. His favorite area didn’t surprise me at all, “Live Mathletics” he loved competing with others kids around the world. This is the area that he spent most of his time on. I actually had a hard time getting him into the other areas. I had to beg him to explore the other areas. He relented and found that the other areas are just as fun although he did gravitate to the “Live Mathletics” often. He had no problem finding his way around the site.

My 11 year daughter is my child that has learning disabilities and struggles with math. We had her in the 5th  grade at first but, I found out that it was a bit too hard for her. I bumped her down to the 2 grade level because I wanted her to feel successful with math rather then get discouraged. Some of it was way too easy for her in the main area. She made up for it in the “Rainforest” and with the printable worksheets. Her ability in math is unique and I can never focus her in just one grade level with math. She has some areas that she is at grade level and other concepts are just difficult for her. I was able to customize Mathletics easily with out much effort on my end.
I found with all the options to choose from that she got pretty confused with what to do and where to go. She is a very visual learner and really flourishes with online programs. This was just too busy for her to navigate through it all. Once I got her to an activity she did fine.

The one thing that my family really liked was the printable workbooks. Even my kids enjoyed these. My kids have had fun learning with Mathletics and the important thing for this mom is that I did see them learn new math concepts and improve in their abilities. 

Bottom-line is that Mathletics has been a fun supplement for my kid’s current math curriculum. I like that I can cover topics that haven’t been taught to them yet. There is such a wide variety of math skills to choose from. Your child gets immediate feedback on problems. Mathletics makes math fun and I wouldn’t call it a “gamey” math program. It’s just very kid friendly yet it can appeal to the upper grades also.

You can try Mathletics for free before you buy it.

You can find Mathletics of Facebook and Twitter.

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